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1948 | Anganack Methodist Church was re-opened last week, after renovation

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Thanks from Angarrack Chapel

Members at Angarrack Methodist Church extend their grateful thanks to Terry Williams and Malcolm Bryant for organising, and working on, the repairs which have recently been completed at the chapel. We are also grateful to the many men, some whose names are unknown to us, who gave their time to help in the repair of the boundary walls, the building of new steps and repairing the porch roofs. We are also indebted to those people who supplied the materials for these jobs free of charge. The new windows were provided by the chapel and the Community Association but again the labour was freely given.

Thank you all very much. Without your help we would find it difficult to get these jobs done. May God bless you all.


1743 | Charles Wesley

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A thank-you to all who helped reroof the Angarrack Chapel

The members at Angarrack Chapel extend their grateful thanks to all the men (from the builder to the 'tea-boy') who so willingly have given their time over the past three months to help in removing and replacing the roofs at the Chapel under the guidance of our builder friend, Mr Terry Williams. A real community effort. We also thank their wives and partners for their understanding during this time. Pam Wills, Church Council Secretary

Angarrack Methodists | The Cornishman | October 2, 2008

Angarrack Methodist Church held their Harvest Festival on September 28 and 29 in their newly refurbished Chapel.

The services on Sunday were much enjoyed.  Mrs Irene Tannere was the preacher in the morning; she was accompanied by the group "New Life" from St Ives, and the organist was Mr G Pooley.

The evening service was conducted by Pastor Graham Kitts.  Mrs Kitts read a passage from the Bible.  Mrs Thomas and Mrs Bawden sang a duet, and Mr Barrie Bawden sang a solo.  The organist was Mr Edward Tanner.
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