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190128 | Project 2026 - British Horse Society

Project 2026 - British Horse Society


This is a national web based project with the aim of identifying routes which potentially are unrecorded Rights of Way and to record progress towards submitting Definitive Map Modification Order Applications. There is a separate sub-project for each County or Local Highways Authority area.

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190128 | Footpaths to take priority | Falmouth Packet

Angarrack Rights of Way
28th January

Footpaths to take priority

By Richard Whitehouse Local Democracy Reporter

130626 | Closure Footpath 16 development works to 1st Jan 2014 | Cornwall Council

As reported in Hayle Pump 110

Footpath to the Weir Closed

The path down to the weir is temporarily closed over Carnsew Quay behind Jewsons. This is to permit development work connected with repairing the sluice gates and tunnels to re-introduce sluicing. The alternative rote is the long way around Carnsew basin/pool joining behind the old Mitchell the Printers, or by the Tempest building at the start of Hayle Causeway. This will be for a matter of months.  read more »

121028 Angarrack Rights of Way repairs | Hayle Town Council

Angarrack Rights of Way

From Minutes of the Hayle Town Council Meeting held at the Hayle Community Centre, Hayle on Thursday 18 October 2012 commencing at 7.15pm with a Public Participation Session.


  1. Maintenance Update

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Angarrack Rights of Way

Rights of way around Angarrack

  • Path No. 101/20 Map Reference: SW592378
    FP from Gwinear via Trungle to Parish Boundary at Angarrack
    CC Priority GOLD           0.66 miles.
  • Path No. 101/28 Map Reference: SW589379
    FP from Trungle Farm to Mellanoweth Farm and Parish Boundary
    CC Priority BRONZE         0.06 miles.
  • Path No. 102/35 Map Reference: SW584381
    BW from Old Mill, Angarrack to Parish Boundary (known as Riverside)
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