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130217 | News from John Bennett Hayle Town Councillor


17 February 2013. Marine Minerals Ltd. has come up with the idea of processing the sediment in several areas of the sea where the outfall of rivers has left substantial mineral deposits - one of these would be St. Ives Bay. Although the details are still sketchy, they would design a vessel that would move across the sea floor, sucking up sediment, processing it, returning over 90% and then taking the rest to the shore for processing.  read more »

121218| News from John Bennett Hayle Town Councillor


18 December 2012. Cllr. Anne-Marie Rance, as part of her MSc in Science, has written a paper on climate change and coastal erosion as it affects Hayle. Anyone interested in the issues of erosion, sluicing and sea-level rise as they relate to Hayle will find this paper interesting. Read it here.