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Steam Train to cross Angarrack viaduct 26/28 June?

Apparently there's going to be a Steam Heritage tour at the end of June.

It would be great if one of the photographers in the village could capture the train crossing the viaduct.

I think the schedule is going west on Saturday 26th June and returning east on Monday 28th June.

Alan Connor & Samantha Taylor welcome you to the Angarrack Inn

Proprietor: Alan and Sam Connor

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The road to the lights...

There are numerous fund raising events throughout the year - the duck race being very popular!  Essential maintenance is carried out round the year too to keep the lights working.  Around November the lights are brought out of storage and Santa's 'Elves' start to move them to their opersting positions for the great day.


The Robin goes up...

The Robin goes up.


And the Swans...  read more »

The road to the lights...

The Angarrack Christmas Lights are a very big project and lots of people are involved in getting them to switch on day...  Here is a kind of map of what goes on before the great day.
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