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Brand New Pub Quiz | Angarrack Inn

Nov 6 , 2011 - Sun - 8:30 pm

*Brand New*


Launches Sunday 6th Nov at 8:30pm

£1 entry per person


Farewell to Angarrack

Alan and Sam would like to thank all our friends in Angarrack for a great 12 months. We are sorry to be leaving such a welcoming community and if it were not for such a once in a lifetime opertunity in Wales would have stayed a long time.

Thank you all for the gifts and wishes and we wish all at Angarrack a sad farewell.


Alan Connor & Samantha Taylor welcome you to the Angarrack Inn

Proprietor: Alan and Sam Connor

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Angarrack Inn | The Boogaloo Dudes - LIVE

Jul 10 , 2009 - Fri - 8:00 pm
Friday night - The Boogaloo Dudes - LIVE

Live entertainment, by Stable Minds - all welcome! | Angarrack Inn

Feb 6 , 2009 - Fri - 11:30 pm

Stable Minds

Venue: Angarrack Inn Angarrack Hayle
Date: 6th Feb 2009
Time: 8:30pm

Live entertainment, by Stable Minds - all welcome!

Contact Name: Dawn Martin
Phone Number: 01736 752380


Stable Minds are 6pce soul/pop band playing songs from 60's to present day

 Stable Minds

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