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Christmas Lights | 29 Nov 2011

Many thanks to all the Elves who turned out at short notice in foul weather to help when the rain brought down the scaffolding supporting the arch at the top of Steamers' Hill today.

A fabulous effort by everyone saw the road cleared and the arch recovered fortunately the arch doesn't appear damaged

After the problems with the scaffolding it's been decided to situate it at the side of the road (opposite Carwinard Close) and move the two cherubs light to the top of the hill.   read more »

You can bank on a bright Christmas in the Hayle...

The festive season is also welcomed in Angarrack with the big switch-on taking place on December 3 at 7pm at Angarrack pub car park. from This Is Cornwall Thursday, November 17 2011  read more »

December 3: Angarrack Christmas lights switch on 7pm at Angarrack pub car park by a team from Atlantic FM

December 3: Angarrack Christmas lights are switched on at 7pm at Angarrack pub car park by a team from Atlantic FM. There will also be morris dancing. from This Is Cornwall Thursday, November 17 2011  read more »

Twenty Five Years | Angarrack Christmas Lights

This year (2011) the Angarrack Christmas Lights will be 25 years old.

The concept started when a few of the villagers got together to create lights and displays in their own and neighbours gardens. They soon moved into the streets and strung lights along the roadside.

A few years ago the lights became themed and are now based on the Twelve Days of Christmas.  read more »

Angarrack Angle | Hayle Pump Aug-Sep 2011 | Aug 2011

Spotted on Monday 8 August 2011 in Hayle Pump

Angarrack Angle - August 2011

You know, it does not matter just how many times I look up at the magnificent Angarrack viaduct, it still gives me goosebumps as I admire this awesome monument of skill and beauty.  read more »

Treasure Hunt and BBQ - Friday 29th July 2011

Come and join us on Friday 29th June 2011 for a fabulous Treasure Hunt and BBQ in the grounds of the Angarrack Inn by the river.


The Treasure Hunt starts at 6pm in the Angarrack Inn carpark, entry is via a small donation to the Christmas Lights fund.

The Treasure Hunt has a circular walk around the Angarrack locality centred on the pub. There are also small items to collect for younger hunters - the team that solves the most puzzles will win the prize.


The BBQ starts at 6pm with all the favourites.  read more »

Community's tribute to its selfless citizens |

In, Thursday, April 28, 2011 - Organisation of the Year award went to Angarrack Christmas Lights Committee

Well done to the 2010 Committee which consisted of

Chris Bray - Chair
Sandie Ireland - Deputy Chair
Nikki Vincent - Treasurer
Russell Clarke - Secretary
Mel Williams, Mal Pearce, Mark Bolt and Steph Waller and to all the lovely Angarrack Christmas Lights Elves who struggled so hard with the weather to get everything ready in time

   read more »

NEWS | 24 Feb 2011 | Mayor's Awards for 2011

Very many congratulations to the Angarrack Christmas Lights Committee

Spotted on Friday 22 April 2011 on  read more »

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