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Christmas Lights

New Twelve Drummers Drumming light display 2010

An 12ves dydh a Nadelik

Dewdhek tabourer ow kweskel tabour

New Twelve Drummers Drumming light display 2010

Bringing the Display to Life - Twelve Drummers

 The Twelve Drummers - Bringing the display to life

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Installing Onsite - Twelve Drummers

Picture 12 – Lighting frames and control unit mounted on scaffolding

It had just been completed in time, as early the next morning “the team” arrived to take the control unit and mount it on the scaffolding along with all the lighting frames being fixed in readiness for connecting up.

It took another couple of days in bitterly cold, icy weather (literally), to connect the wiring of all of the 13 frames’ cables back to the control unit and run in the power supply cable from the Electricity Supply feeder pole 35 metres away, these amounted to 38 cables, 90 cores in all (picture 12).  read more »

Programming the PLC - Twelve Drummers

Picture 11 – Example program network

The editing results are shown graphically on the PC’s screen in a form that electricians call “ladder logic” networks.

Picture 11 shows an example screen of one such network, the one controlling the four outputs (17-20) for the “Santa Drummer, Alligator & Hearts” at the top centre of the 12 Drummers Drumming display.  read more »

Program Chart - Twelve Drummers

Picture 10 – Program Sequence Chart
It was now ready for powering up to enable programming of the PLC to begin (picture 9).

Alongside the building of the unit, it had also been necessary to think about and prepare a programming sequence chart of the intended sequence of animation in readiness to program the PLC. The proposed sequence of actions had been “mulled over” for some time and bit by bit developed into the chart shown (picture 10).  read more »

Final Fitting - Twelve Drummers

Picture 9 – Completed control unit
Once wiring was complete, the backplate was fitted inside the enclosure, then it was given an electrical insulation test, and the continuity of all the connections checked out. It was now ready for powering up to enable programming of the PLC to begin (picture 9). Picture 9 – Completed control unit

Wiring the Components - Twelve Drummers

Picture 6 - Wiring in progress
Picture 7 – Wiring completed

The most labour intensive part of the build was probably the wiring stage. Picture 6 shows the backplate with the equipment mounted on it, and in the very early stages of wiring up.  read more »

Backplate Assembly - Twelve Drummers

Picture 5 – Enclosure with Backplate cut to size and fitted
Firstly a grey PVC backplate was made to fit inside the enclosure to mount all the equipment on (picture 5). Then the equipment layout had to be settled, which was not as easy as with the “11 Pipers” as there was a lot more to fit in a similarly sized enclosure.  read more »

Sourcing the Equipment - Twelve Drummers

Picture 5 – The PLC controller, a miniature relay and relay in base

Eventually a suitable programmable unit (“the brains”) was acquired, an old industrial computer, known as a Programmable Logic Controller (“PLC” for short), now made redundant after about 15 years of 24/7 active service, but still in good working order. Yes, even working computers get made redundant these days!

This PLC would be able to hold all the “actions” in a sequential program and switch relays on and off as required.  read more »

Unit Design - Twelve Drummers

Picture 4 – Schematic circuit drawing for making the parts list and wiring the unit
Now a start could me made on the control unit’s circuit design (picture 4), and then a parts list of all the equipment required could be compiled, in readiness to make a presentation of the requirements to the committee Chairperson for approval to go ahead with parts acquisition and control unit build. Picture 4 – Schematic circuit drawing for making the parts list and wiring the unit
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