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1919 | Peace celebrations were carried out at gar rack on Saturday in a very satisfactory manner. A service was conducted in. t

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Cornishman Cornwall, England

23 Jul 1919

ANGARRACK. Peace celebrations were carried out at Angarrack on Saturday in a very satisfactory manner. A service was conducted in the chapel by Rev. E. S. Welch, which was well attended. procession then formed, headed by soldiers in uniform...  read more »

1728 | Mellanvrane Mine


HER Number:31868
Name:MELLANVRANE - Post Medieval mine


Mellanvrane is mentioned in 1728, although Pascoe appears to have confused the location of this mine with Mellenoweth.  read more »

1851 | Angarrack Viaduct - Timber Brunel

Page 189 | The Life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Civil Engineer  By Isambard Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the original Angarrack viaduct from timber

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1837 | Railway - Carn Brea to Angarrack opened 23 December 1837 | Hayle Railway

Hayle Railway opened 1837


The section from Carn Brea to Angarrack dates back to the Hayle Railway, opened on 23 December 1837

1672 | Angarrack Stamping Mill


HER Number:31842
Name:ANGARRACK - Post Medieval stamping mill


The site of a stamping mill which had a datestone of 1672, is recorded at Angarrack.  read more »

1834 | Angarrack Methodist Chapel


HER Number:31841
Name:ANGARRACK - Post Medieval nonconformist chapel


A Methodist chapel , dated 1834 is recorded on the 1840 Phillack Tithe Map. It was extant in 1976 when the Phillack Parish Checklist was compiled.  read more »

1846 | Angarrack incline - West Cornwall Railway takes over from The Hayle Railway

The West Cornwall Railway takes over Hayle Railway

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1852-53 | Angarrack station opened - and closed

Angarrack had a station - very briefly!

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1852 | Completion of the Cornwall Railway | West Briton 5 March 1852

The West Briton from 5 March 1852 has a thrilling account of the completion of the Cornwall Railway

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1828 | Angarrack Culver House


HER Number:31958
Name:ANGARRACK - Post Medieval dovecote


The site of dovecote.  read more »

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