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1725 | Reverberatory furnaces: Chyandour has 4, Ludgvan 2, Treloweth 3, Lelant 3 and six at Angarrack | Kalmeter journal

The Chyandour smelter with its four stacks, one for each furnace (photo courtesy of Morrab Library Photo Archive)

By 1725 the picture has changed dramatically and the details are provided by Henric Kalmeter in his journal. Chyandour now has four reverberatory furnaces having been converted from a blowing houses in 1717. Ludgvan has has two reverberatory furnaces opened in 1724 to replace the old blowing house. Treloweth, at Rose an Grous, has three reverberatory furnaces erected in 1720 and lastly, Trereife has four reverberatory furnaces dating from about 1716. In addition there are now three furnaces at Lelant and six at Angarrack, both of which might well have sent tin to Penzance to be coined. Not only has the technology changed to meet the demands of lode mining but the capacity has increased hugely.  read more »

1838 | Tin smelting house at village called Angarrack or Vellarvrane... was decorated with finest garden in West of Cornwall

Phillack, in addition to the copper works at Hoyle, pos-  sesses also a tin smelting house at a village called indifferently Angarrack or Vellarvrane said to be first smelting house established by Becher and other Germans for smeltin

"Phillack, in addition to the copper works at Hoyle, pos-
sesses also a tin smelting house at a village called indiffer-
ently Angarrack or Vellarvrane. It is said to be the first
smelting house established by Becher and the other Ger-
mans for smelting tin ores in reverberatory furnaces by
means of coal. During the life of Mr. William Tremaine
the late managing partner, this place was decorated with the
finest garden in the West of Cornwall. "  read more »

1704 | Angarrack smelting-house established by Francis Moult & Co., with six of the new reverberatory furnaces

Angarrack smelting-house was almost as old as Treloweth, being established by Francis Moult & Co. in 1704, with six of the new reverbera- tory furnaces, as a companion works to the one at Newham, Truro. By 1743 it was owned by William Lemon and was for sale in 1783, with William Tremayne then described as the sole proprietor.

3 In 1804 the four principal partners there were Richard Cunnack, William Carne, the Bolithos and James Pascoe

1722 | William Tremayne, manager of tin smelting house at Angarrack married Elizabeth Michell

1722 William Tremayne, the manager of the tin smelting house at Angarrack married Elizabeth Michell,  daughter of The Revd Wil liam Michell Vicar of Kenwyn.



1705 | Mr Lyddell obtained patent for smelting tin in iron furnaces, and set up works at Angarrack

The tin-ore has always been smelted in the county. Sir Francis Godolphin introduced some improved methods of stamping and dressing tin from the continent; and Sir Beville Grenville made an attempt to smelt the tin with pitcoal; but it was not till the early part of the last century that the present mode of smelting was adopted. Mr. Lyddell obtained a patent in the year 1705 for smelting tin in iron furnaces, and set up works at Angarrack in the parish of Phillack.



1704 | September 14th To drawing the leases of Angarrack, rent paid, building expenses

To drawing the leases of Angarrack Paid by Lydall £2. 1 0.0' and that the rent paid was £ 25 p. a. and that the expenditure connected with the building etc. at Angarrack in the first year was £ 406 0. 1 . This was the extent of the references by Capt. Henderson to the Angarrack House and it is unfortunate that the particular volume from which he quoted is not among those now at the County Record Office. DWHH 1780. County Record Office. Truro (CRO) DDE (Welman) 1862 CRO.7

   read more »

1828 | Angarrack Culver House

A culver house is recorded at Angarrack in 1828


HER Number:31958
Name:ANGARRACK - Post Medieval dovecote


The site of dovecote.  read more »

1672 | Angarrack Stamping Mill

1672 | Angarrack Stamping Mill


HER Number:31842
Name:ANGARRACK - Post Medieval stamping mill


The site of a stamping mill which had a datestone of 1672, is recorded at Angarrack.  read more »

1853 | Sale of Angarrack Smelting House


According to The Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet, and General Advertiser (Truro, England), Friday, November 11, 1853; pg. [1]; Issue 2629. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II. :


TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with possession at Michaelmas next, the fee simple and inheritance of an in all that well known and long established


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