Christmas Lights

100 Club

If you'd like to support the lights and you live in the village then you could join the 100 Club.

100 Club Rules; only residents over the age of 16 can buy a number, each number costs £10 for the whole year which starts in April (covers 10 draws - there are no draws in November and December) and you can buy as many numbers as you like.
So 1 number = £10,
2 numbers = £20 & so on.

Each draw there is a £25 prize for each 100 Club square, plus a bonus draw to win tickets.

The commmittee will be visting weach house in the village in the next week or so to renew  your numbers, or let you change or add to them.

If you would like to join please feel free to approach any member of the Angarrack Christmas Lights committee, or to email for more information.