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From Hayle Pump Jun-Jul 2011 issue


They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it would appear that exposing the knowledge with regard to the Heritage issues that was available has brought forth a change of direction with regard to South Quay. Bland buildings and poor regard for heritage and marine aspects are OUT, with new architects and a specialist heritage consultant being appointed to take on board the previous deficiencies and hopefully providing a much improved vision for the future development. This is a big step forward to achieving a higher quality result for Hayle’s future and will have made the delay of a few months well worthwhile. Local opinion is being listened to and the concerns of English Heritage looked at, as has the provision of sluicing from Carnsew pool.

However we now have to be careful that the situation does not go into “committee mode” as various factions (who were silent before) try to influence the ongoing process. As we go to press the ING team are putting together a revised plan that hopefully will address the previous deficiencies with special attention to the “marine aspect” of the development and how it maintains being part of a Harbour. There are ongoing discussions which should lead to a “main client” being in place for the development which in turn will increase the chance of some real planning gain for the Quay area and help to provide added value for both locals and visitors. There is much talk of joining the Quay with the Foundry area (possibly with a bridge) to promote “linked visits”, but the integration of this will be challenging with no guarantees of the outcome to our well-established local shops.

In fact it is the effect on our existing business’s that concerns many people with some saying the increased footfall to the area will help, whilst others see the demise of the small shops a certainty (the jury is still out at present)

In fact one wonders what is the best compromise situation and no doubt there will be some discussion on this before the July planning meeting.

Pratts market (Now fully open again and looking smart) is very much a Foundry icon “plus the original home of the Pump” and one hopes that any new development will increase the footfall in the area. There is considerable doubt that a suitable revised scheme can be completed before the July deadline of the SPC meeting in Truro and in fact as we go to press all the applications still have issues that may require more time for them to be resolved.