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110725 | Statement by Actoris Ltd / Morrisons Supermarkets PLC, to the 2nd June Strategic Planning C | Cornwall Council

Statement by Actoris Ltd / Morrisons Supermarkets PLC, to the 2nd June Strategic Planning Committee meeting


Geraint John Planning Limited. Chartered Town Planning & Development Consultants
Co. Registration No. : 07452826. Registered in England & Wales
Registered office: 145-157 St John St, London EC1V 4PW
Geraint John
T : 02920 660244 M : 07531 324325

Sophia House
28 Cathedral Road
Cardiff CF11 9LJ
25th July 2011
Jeremy Content
Planning Officer
Planning & Regeneration Service
Cornwall Council
Dolcoath Avenue
TR14 8SX
Dear Jeremy
Planning application Ref: W1/10-0413
Actoris Ltd (Morrisons), Jewson’s Site, Carnsew Rd. Hayle
Submission of Further Information
Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999)
Please find the following documentation enclosed, submitted as requested by your Authority in response to the issues raised as part of the statutory consultation exercise for the above planning application (reference WI/10-0413):

1. Revised Plans / Drawings – prepared by CWA, which comprise those plans and drawings which are to be determined by the LPA (in substitution of all drawings currently before the LPA):
 SP241-P01 Rev A Location Plan
 SP241-P02 Rev A Demolitions Plans
 SP241-P03 Existing Site Plan
 SP241-P04 Existing Survey and Mapped Historical Data
 SP241-P05 Existing Roof Plan
 SP241-P07 Rev F Proposed Site Plan
 SP241-P08 Rev D Proposed Rood Plan
 SP241-P10 Rev A Proposed Ground Floor Plan
 SP241-P11 Rev A Proposed First Floor Plan
 SP241-P20 Rev C Proposed Elevations (Sheet 1)
 SP241-P21 Rev B Proposed Elevations (Sheet 2)
 SP241-P30 Rev C Proposed Site Sections AA, BB and CC
 SP241-P31 Rev A Proposed Site Section DD
 SP241-P32 Section BB Extract
 SP241-P35 Trolley Store Detail
 SP241-P36 Proposed Section EE
 SP241-P40 Existing Plan
 SP241-P40A Existing Plan
 SP241-P41 Existing Roof Plan
 SP241-P42 Existing Elevations
 SP241-P43 Existing Section through Bay C
 SP241-P43 Existing Section through Bay G
 SP241-P43 Existing Section through Bay K
 SP241-P50 Proposed Plan
 SP241-P51 Proposed Rood Plan
 SP241-P52 Proposed Elevations
 SP241-P53 Proposed Section (Typical)
 SP241-P54 Air Vent Detail
 SP241-P55 Hit and Miss Infill Cladding Detail
 SP241-P100 Photo Sheet 1
 SP241-P101 Photo Sheet 2
 SP241-P102 Photo Sheet 3
 SP241-P103 Photo Sheet 4
 SP241-P104 Photo Sheet 5
 SP241-P200 Rev C Colour Elevations – Sheet 1
 SP241-P201 Rev B Colour Elevations – Sheet 2
 SP241-P300 Rev A CGI Elevation View to Store Entrance
 SP241-P301 Rev A CGI Perspective View 1
 SP241-P302 Rev A CGI Perspective View 2
 SP241-P303 Rev A CGI Perspective View 3
 SP241-P304 Rev A CGI Perspective View 4
 SP241-P305 Rev A CGI Perspective View 5
 SP241-LS1 Diagram Illustrating Juxtaposition of 2 sites
 SP241-LS2 Diagram Illustrating Interface (Local)
To summarise, the final revisions to the planning application which are set out within the plans listed above are as follows:
Layout and Access Changes

 The site entrance has been changed to a signal controlled traffic light system in lieu of the original roundabout (as a result of further consultation with Cornwall Council’s Highway Department) with ancillary changes including localised level changes.
 Associated changes have been brought about to the internal car parking layout, as a result of the junction amendment.
 A bus stop has been included within the site as part of the proposals, to enhance ease and convenience of access to the store via public transport.

Landscaping Changes

 The landscaping scheme has been amended in response to representations made by the Council’s statutory consultee ICOMOS that the landscaping should primarily comprise hard surface in line with the former use of the site. Changes to the landscaping scheme and associated planting schedule have been incorporated accordingly. The landscaping scheme has also been amended to reflect the car park layout changes, brought about by the changes to the junction.
 Measures comprising footway improvements to enhance pedestrian connectivity between the site and Foundry Square along and within the Carnsew Road highway frontage have been incorporated into the scheme to ensure enhanced connectivity and ‘linked-trips’ between the store and town centre.

Store Entrance

 The store entrance has been moved northwards along the eastern elevation, for operational purposes.

Delivery Yard Enclosure

 The delivery yard enclosure along the southern boundary of the site (adjacent to the existing footpath and residential development beyond) has been modified to incorporate a lighter treatment to the top section of the enclosure.

2. 2nd Environmental Statement Addendum – submitted under Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999), prepared jointly by Geraint John Planning Ltd, Corscadden Associates; Terra Firma; Shear Design; Wheetwood Environmental Engineers; TTHC; and David Tudor Ecologists, which includes the following Reports as Appendices:
 Supplementary Transport Report

3. Revised Design and Access Statement – prepared by CWA.

4. Highways Information – prepared by TTHC including the following (in addition to the Supplementary Transport Report appended to the 2nd Environmental Statement Addendum):
 Pedestrian Connectivity Plans

As requested, three hard-copies of each of the above documents are enclosed.
Additionally, a full copy of the submission is enclosed electronically (by CD).
If you should have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Geraint John
Geraint John Planning Ltd
Enc. As above
cc. Client and consultant team

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