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110729 | Press release has been issued detailing the key amendments in ING's revised plans | South Quay 2011

From John Bennett's website 29th July 2011:


29 July 2011. A press release has been issued detailing the key amendments in ING's revised proposal. They are:

  • The partial removal of infill material in Carnsew Creek to provide additional moorings and expose the entrance to Carnsew Dock;
  • The proposed re-introduction of traditional sluicing for Carnsew Pool;
  • Enhancements to the existing harbour management including: enhanced fishermen’s facilities on North Quay, improved security and storage; modifying the bridge proposals; creation of new moorings for fishing and leisure users; and the proposed creation of a community harbour management trust supported by an ongoing annual levy raised from developments built on ING’s land.
  • Widening the promenade along the whole length of the quay facing Penpol Terrace to create more public realm, open spaces and access for harbour users;
  • Increasing the size of the open space at the northern end of South Quay and redesigning the feature restaurant;
  • Resiting the food store closer to the town with an additional entrance and café facing Isis Gardens.
  • Redesigning the store and free standing retail units to improve access to the town centre and Foundry complex;
  • Redesigning the houses and introducing apartments to more closely reflect maritime buildings and include integral garages, roof top terraces and direct quayside access and quayside storage spaces.

You may read the full press release here.

You can read the updated application on Cornwall Council's web site by clicking here:

28 July 2011. ING submitted its revised plans on Monday and there will be a public consultation period prior to the application being heard by the Strategic Planning Committee on 22 September.

The final layout is shown above. Click on the image for a larger version.

Some points to note: during the working life of the quay the buildings were generally down the west side of the quay and the architects have tried to replicate this by keeping as much open, public space as possible on the side facing Penpol Terrace. I understand that it is planned that significant pedestrian improvements will be made around Isis Gardens and Foundry Square. Also note that Carnsew dock and the sluice are restored. It appears that a footbridge across Penpol Creek will be a 'future enhancement'.