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120130 | Recommendation by old Government Office SW to Secretary of State should be sent within a week | John Bennett

From John Bennett's website 30 January 2012:



30 Jan 2012. The report by the old Government Office SW making a recommendation to the Secretary of State should be sent within the week. A best guess on response from the Secretary is the end of February.

Cornwall Council has produced a list of 6 possible structures for an organisation to take over the harbour. It did not include a charitable trust. It does now.

Cornwall Council's harbour master seems to want to split the harbour from the associated land that ING is willing to gift. While it is important that the harbour is properly financed and is able to run properly, it is asinine to split off the land. No organisation will want to take on land that is primarily a liability without some means of funding it. By inlcuding the harbour and land as one element it will ensure that the whole harbour can be developed for the people of Hayle without leaving bits in a mess - as it is now.