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131005 | Letters : Questions on fire station

Seen in The Cornishman Thursday 5 October 2013

Questions on fire station

THERE are inaccuracies in The Cornishman's report about planning approval, granted with conditions on September 23, for a fire station in Hayle.

In the planning application, the fire service stated that 'up to 40 per cent' of Hayle's population could be reached within a ten-minute response time; therefore, over 60 per cent of the population aren't within that response time.  The 2011 census gave Hayle's population as 8,902, and so the 6,500 figure mentioned in The Cornishman article as being within a ten-minute response time appears to be rather optimistically over-estimate.

The article also says that work on the fire station will start at the end of this year.  However, the car park is next to Copperhouse Pool, an SSSI, and no construction can take place between October and March because of breeding birds.  This is one of the conditions attached to planning approval.

The Environment Agency still has to give Flood Defence Consent, and without this, no building within seven metres of a waterway can start