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I have been somewhat neglectful in maintaining this part of my website - need must I am afraid as I am totally immersed in Cornwall business and while \i priorities a day a week to deal with Hayle issues writing up my 'latest' is time that is difficult to find.

Fire Station

Great news! Planning permissions agreed and now funding from central government to develop the joint working between Police, Ambulance Service and Fire. I am assured that the funding for the building is in place and the overall project of developing Tolvaddon as well as Hayle still firmly on track. No one would suggest that Commercial Road Car Park would be our first choice but the professionals assure us it is the best choice and can be achieved. - lets hope matters continue to move forward.

South Quay

More good news - work is due to begin within weeks, the agreement with ASDA has been signed and this means that our historic quay will be fully repaired and fit for another half a century - at least! I know that many were concerned about a supermarket on the Quay - I do not see why, its a legitimate commercial activity, will not look like a bog standard supermarket, will have connectivity with Foundry and is tucked up against the Viaduct. A Heritage Centre would have been better but this was the only scheme on the table that would provide the investment in the quay that Hayle so needs. As for ASDA well all families would have a different preference but lots ad lots of Hayle people shop at ASDA and it does provide a choice which hopefully will bring people into our town. One thing is certain - we need to protect our Town Centre against any development, make it different and keep it viable. I believe this can be done.

Hayle In Bloom

Well done -again! This is a great Hayle institution and the dedicated members and supporters continue to contribute to Hayle in a most remarkable way. Like so many others they go about their business and deliver the goods - terrific!

World Heritage Site

UNESCO have sent their delegation, Cornwall was hosted and delivered all the information required and they have gone away and will deliver their adjudication. I cannot believe that the development of South Quay will loose us the WHS designation, we may be put on the 'at risk' register and then its up to us to ensure that the buildings and the repairs are delivered without affect on the character of the Harbour. We have to wait and see but| I do know that Cornwall Council officers could not have done more to protect our status.


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