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140224| Fears over plans to build on Angarrack floodplain | This is Cornwall


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ANGARRACK residents have branded plans to build on a floodplain near the village as "nonsensical". The relentless heavy rain has...
published... Thursday, February 20 2014


Fears over plans to build on Angarrack floodplain

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Monday, February 24, 2014
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ANGARRACK residents have branded plans to build on a floodplain near the village as “nonsensical”.

The relentless heavy rain has seen the Angarrack River burst its banks, with water overflowing in to fields around the village, flooding part of the proposed site at Marsh Lane.

Fears over plans to build on Angarrack floodplain


Residents say Cranford Developments’ plans for a 100,000sq ft retail park on that land would put the village at greater risk.

David Lanney, an Angarrack resident, said: “There are a lot of people who are very concerned about it. We suffer quite a bit from flooding in Angarrack. They are developing on a grade three floodplain.

“With the current weather predicted to get worse, where’s the sense in building on a floodplain. It’s nonsensical. I’m not against all development, just that location is so wrong.”

The Angarrack River runs around the edge of part of the potential development site and with a history of flooding issues, people in the village are worried that building on it will only exacerbate the problems they already face.

Geoff Pooley, village resident for 40 years, said: “If we start interfering with the natural process it could lead to problems. I think it’s far too dangerous.” I think it has been left alone for a very good reason in the past.”

People in the area are also concerned that measures Cranford has put in place will not be sufficient to solve the issue of flooding at the marsh land.

Helen Riley Humfrey said: “I invite anyone to look at the volume of water in that stream and even the most elementary knowledge of water tables will tell you that if you turn a tap on into a full bath, it will overflow. Angarrack has a flood relief system – for good reason.”

The Angarrack flood relief system is being co-ordinated by town councillor Brian Capper. He has met several times with the

developers to hear about how they intend to deal with the issue of flooding and said he understand residents’ concerns.

“I have been talking to the developer, in the event they do get planning, to try and get the very best deal for the village. Cranford talks about ways of draining the land, but people can’t quite understand how it’s going to work. If it doesn’t work we will have massive problems.”

A spokesperson for Cranford Developments said the built development component of their scheme was not in a functional floodplain.

“The remaining land, which is not being developed, is a wetland habitat and by its very nature is supposed to have standing water on it. We are proposing further ponds in the wetland, which will improve the wildlife habitat and increase storage from extreme flooding events,” said the spokesperson.

“In addition, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems will be used to limit run-off from the development. We are also looking at improvements to the river banks.”

Residents in Angarrack are concerned that development on a floodplain will create even greater flooding problems in the future

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