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140320 | EIA - Not Required | PA14/02186 | EIA Screening Opinion Request for retail led development of Hayle Rugby Club |

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Reference: PA14/02186
Alternative Reference: pp
Application Received: 05 Mar 2014
Address: Hayle Rugby Club Marsh Lane Hayle Cornwall TR27 5HX
Proposal: EIA Screening Opinion Request for retail led development of Hayle Rugby Club
Status: Screening Opinion - EIA Not Required
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Mr M. Scoot 
Maypool House
My ref: PA14/02186 
Date: 20 March 2014
Dear Sir/Madam 

Statutory Instruments 2011 No. 1824

The Town and Country Planning (Environment Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 - Regulation 5

Application Number PA14/02186
Proposal EIA Screening Opinion Request for retail led development of Hayle Rugby Club 
Location Hayle Rugby Club Marsh Lane Hayle Cornwall 
Applicant  Hayle Community Rugby Facilities Ltd

Further to your screening opinion request dated 5 March 2014, please find attached the screening opinion 
now adopted by Cornwall Council, as the Local Planning Authority, which concludes that:
The development proposed is not considered to be an EIA development within the meaning of the EIA Regulations. 
The decision is based on the information known at the time and selection criteria for screening Schedule 2
development (Schedule 3) and paragraph 28-31 of circular 02/99 (Environmental Impact Assessment). This
decision is given without prejudice to any final determination of the planning application.
The development therefore does not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The Local Planning 
Authority has taken into account the applicable provisions of the EIA Regulations and purposive nature of relevant
Government guidance in adopting this screening opinion. Should you decide to change the details of your proposed
development in any way then please contact the case officer [Jeremy Content, Senior Development Officer,
01209 614064] to determine whether or not further screening of the proposal is necessary.
Yours faithfully
Planning, Housing and Regeneration Service Cornwall Council Dolcoath Avenue Camborne Cornwall TR14 8SX Tel: 0300 1234 151 Phil Mason Head of Planning, Housing and Regeneration

Screening Opinion:
Screening Opinion - EIA not required 
Note: This screening opinion is provided on the basis of the information submitted to Cornwall Council on 
5th March 2014 (PA14/02186) for the proposed retail led development, and on the assessment made in respect
of the relevant criteria of Schedule 2 of the Regulations, as detailed above. Case officer Jeremy Content Date: 19.03.2014 Date: 19.03.2014 Assistant Head of Service – Planning and Regeneration


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