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Wave Hub strengthens it’s position as world leading facility

Two international developers have committed to testing devices at Wave Hub, adding weight to its reputation as a world leading test facility.
Earlier this quarter, Fortum announced their intention to take a berth at Wave Hub, and are currently assessing a number of devices for testing, including Wello’s Penguin device. Fortum are a Finnish multinational utility who have been involved in wave energy since 2007 and have praised Wave Hub as a facility. “This is as much ‘plug and play’ as it gets when it comes to wave power generation development. The site already has everything we need to start testing,” says Fortum's Chief Technology Officer Heli Antila, PhD
Australian based Carnegie Wave Energy Limited have this week announced their intention to deploy an array at Wave Hub by booking a berth. The Australian developer plans to deploy a 3MW array of its 1MW CETO 6 device in 2016, with the option of extending to 10MW. The technology has been taken from concept to pre commercial array in ten years. The CETO 5, the predecessor to the CETO 6 device, is being prepared for array scale testing in Western Australia.
Carnegie’s Executive Director of European Business Development, Kieran O’Brien, said “Securing a berth at Wave Hub provides Carnegie with a pre-developed site and installed grid connected infrastructure to test its CETO 6 commercial generation technology whilst leveraging off UK technical and commercial supply chain expertise in the heart of the marine renewables industry


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