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140520 | Funding secured for Marine Renewables Business Park in Hayle | The Cornishman

Funding secured for Marine Renewables Business Park in Hayle

By CMChloe | Posted: May 20, 2014


Funding secured for Marine Renewables Business Park in Hayle

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Multi-million pound funding has been secured for a business park in Hayle which could create hundreds of new jobs.

Investment has been announced for the development of a 2,500sq metre Marine Renewables Business Park (MRBP) of industrial and office based accommodation.

The project, which is due to begin in June, follows the development of North Quay and represents a package of £24million investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Cornwall Council, Department for Business Innovation & Skills and Department for Energy & Climate Change in the area.

The MRBP is expected to create 120 jobs by 2020 and will promote Cornwall’s capability to support the growing sector of marine renewables.

Chris Pomfret, chair of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership and deputy chair of the Convergence Local Management Committee, which steers the ERDF Convergence programme, said: “It is a real achievement to have secured this significant investment to make the Hayle Marine Renewable Business Park become a reality. Working with the supply chain to identify the requirements of the industry has ensured we are creating something that is needed and going to help develop the industry.”

Hayle is already home to the world’s largest marine renewables test site Wave Hub for which the new business park will be the gateway.

The new facility is designed to accommodate companies at the vanguard of future marine renewables energy production and will be a collaborative partnership between local and national government, the Local Enterprise Partnership, technology developers and industry.

It will be suitable for all companies involved in the development, deployment, servicing and maintenance of wave and floating wind power devices as well as new and existing supply chain businesses supporting this sector.

Cornwall Council said the bespoke business park development, which is project managed by Cornwall Development Company, will deliver cutting edge technology in the sector.

Local Cornwall Councillors, John Coombe and John Pollard welcomed the investment.

“We are delighted to have further commitment to the development of Hayle. The Marine Renewables Park will support the Wave Hub initiative, further secure Hayle’s place as a centre for the development of marine energy and most importantly provide employment.”

The MRBP and Wave Hub are part of the Offshore Renewables Development Programme that aims to enable and accelerate the commercial realisation of offshore energy within Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and Plymouth from initial concept, through to testing and launching in the marketplace.


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  • Graham Coad Work is more likely to commence this July. Hopefully this will go some way to meeting demand for office and employment space in Hayle.
  • Tom Osborne What other plans are in the pipeline for North Quay?
  • Graham Coad Mixed housing and commercial, Tom (and when does my part of Phillack get Superfast Broadband?)
    It is complex, but we are waiting on official Retail Studies, which can inform the planning process and set the wheels in motion. All developments and whether they are "sustainable" are to some degree interdependent at the moment.
  • Andrew Turner Springfield close wont have proper S/F broadband unless Graham Coad pays to have the underground copper cables dug up and replaced with fibreoptic cable.
  • Graham Coad I think I deserve Fibre to the home.......I have loyally paid BT enough over the years!!!!!
  • Andrew Turner Loyalty....mmmm. BT your talking about. A office in the new renewables Business park would have superfast broadband.WPD have loads of fibre optic out there even the wavehub has a feed.

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