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Hayle Launches Its Neighbourhood Plan

Hayle’s Neighbourhood Plan is an exciting opportunity for everyone in the community to get involved with the future of Hayle. Neighbourhood planning is a new right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011

A Neighbourhood Plan can decide to have a wide-ranging set of policies and will empower our community to shape the development and growth of Hayle as far ahead as 2030.

Why does it matter?

The planning system helps decide what gets built, where and when. Planning is essential for supporting economic growth, improving people's quality of life, and protecting the natural environment. While the planning system provides opportunities for communities to get involved in development decisions that affect them, in practice they have often found it difficult to have a meaningful say. The introduction of Neighbourhood planning puts power back in the hands of local residents, businesses, councils and civic leaders.

The Hayle Town Council will lead the work, but the community will be in the driving seat of neighbourhood planning to ensure that all those who live or work in the Hayle area are able to help determine the scope of the plan, and to contribute to its preparation through an extensive consultation process which will take place over the next nine months.

A questionnaire will be sent to every household before the summer asking your views about what people think about life in Hayle today and their hopes for the future. Then every adult will have an opportunity to vote in a referendum to ensure that the local community has the final say on whether a neighbourhood plan order comes into force in their area.

Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan committee, Councillor John Bennett said “It is the Town Council’s aim to have a Neighbourhood Plan in place by the middle of 2015 and work is now well under way. A vital part of Hayle’s Neighbourhood Plan is that it must reflect the wishes and aspirations of the community.

A strong motivation for implementing our Neighbourhood Plan is that we will have the right to receive 25% of any Community Infrastructure Levy, the charge that will be placed on most new construction and collected in the town. This could amount to as much as £200,000 a year. We will also be consulting on the priorities for spending these funds within the town and, again, your input will be important.” The Neighbourhood Plan group and The Town Council would like to invite members of the community to come forward, as volunteers to be part of the Neighbourhood Plan groups.

If anyone would like to contribute please email the Town Clerk at:

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