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140904 | Council meeting - Representatives from ASDA and Simon Humphrey from Bowmer & Kirkland were present


Representatives from ASDA and Simon Humphrey from Bowmer & Kirkland were present.

Doug Wilson from ASDA reported that there had been a successful meeting on site regarding the heritage trail. He said that he would welcome views on the store, especially the cladding. He said that the amended proposal for signage on the building was unique and bespoke for Hayle and had incorporated feedback from Councillors. He added that recruitment for store employees had started and that 24 November 2014 was the target opening date.

Simon Humphrey reported that good progress had been made, especially over the previous two to three months, and that all the remaining work had been programmed in. He was proud of the achievement regarding the repair of the bridge. The sluicegates were now in and he invited everyone to view the site at 9.30 - 10.30am on Saturday and Sunday. He said that the breakthrough into Carnsew Pool would be made in two weeks’ time, for the first time in 40 years. He planned to arrange a litter pick and hoped to get schools involved; Councillors were also welcome to participate. It was suggested to him that the RSPB and Save Our Sands might also be able to help.

Regarding the secondary sluices it was reported that it was hoped they would be ready in January. They would also be hydraulically operated, but could be operated manually if necessary.

Simon Humphrey also told the meeting that temporary traffic lights would be re-installed on Carnsew Road the following week. In answer to questions Doug Wilson said that he could introduce the new ASDA store manager at the next Full Council meeting. He told Members that ASDA always looks to work with local employees, but that they have to operate within certain constraints. He said that he would monitor the location that employees came from, but he was sure that some would be employed from the local area. He informed everyone that initial job applications were all done online and that if a candidate failed at this stage their application would not go any further.

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