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140918 | Hayle Neighbourhood Plan Update | Hayle Town Council



It was reported that there had been an informal meeting with Marcus Healan on 17 September 2014. Councillors were advised that notes of the meeting were available to view. The Cornwall Local Plan was now to be adopted by the end of 2015 and not earlier in the year as expected, which has had the knock on effect of negatively affecting the ‘fast track’ Neighbourhood Plan that the Steering Group were working towards. This will allow developers to build new developments without having to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Members were alerted to the fact that there was a dang er that without adopted town framework plans the wider road infrastructure of future developments would not be considered and there was a danger that piecemeal development would take place.

It was resolved to write to Cornwall Council Planning Department (Mark Broomhead, copied to Phil Mason) to ask : a) how Hayle Town Council will be informed of the final recommendations and decisions regarding land allocation sites and b) how does the Town Council ensure consultation to a point of agreement on the criteria?

It was agreed that there was a danger that the master plan would not be appropriate for Hayle.

It was agreed that the Full Council meeting of 16 October 2014 would be for Planning and to discuss the Site Allocation Plan only.

The next Neighbourhood Plan meeting was scheduled for 24 September 2014 and there would be a workshop on Saturday 4 October 2014