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1504 | Hayle Town Council considered the new twin-track Linden Homes planning application PA15/02777 and resolved to object exac


Linden Homes Planning Application

UPDATE - and see above

At its Full Council meeting last night, Hayle Town Council considered the new twin-track Linden Homes planning application PA15/02777 and resolved to object exactly as for PA14/09315 (see original below) with the added grounds for objection:

1) the failure to demonstrate compliance with the ICOMOS/UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s draft decision:

39 COM 7B.86, especially (see point 7) that ‘details for…any substantial future projects in the [World Heritage Site] property or its immediate and wider setting be submitted, together with HIAs, to the World Heritage Centre as soon as possible, and that adequate time be allowed for a thorough review of each project by the Advisory Bodies prior to approval of any construction and development.’

2) not enough attention has been paid to the design of the buildings to reflect the nature of the town appropriately, nor with regard to the Cornwall Design Guide.


The Town Council considered the Linden Homes Application, PA14/09315, for 222 homes to the land SSE of St Georges Road on Thursday 26 February 2015. Approximately 55 members of the public attended the meeting, which took place in Penpol School.

It was resolved unanimously that Hayle Town Council objects strongly to planning application PA14/09315 on the following grounds:

• the National Planning Policy Framework presumption in favour of development of brownfield land and the emerging Neighbourhood Plan’s prioritisation of other sites over this one;
• loss of agricultural land; 
• harm to the setting of listed buildings and the Conservation Area; 
• harm to the setting of the World Heritage Site (including the objection of English Heritage);
• failure to meet the 40% affordable housing requirement and the risible 15% offered (even though another development at the other end of the town had complied with 40%); 
• in the spirit of localism weight should be given to local opinion, which was overwhelmingly against this application; 
• Hayle Town Council’s disagreement with Cornwall Highways’ traffic impact assessment, especially at Foundry Square; 
• although land was being given for school development no education contribution was being paid and the land offered would not be sufficient for future expansion;
• it appeared that it was not a coincidence that this and other developments were coming forward before the Community Infrastructure Levy, which would provide the town with £2,000 per dwelling, was in place; 
• light pollution would be a significant issue; 
• drainage was unsatisfactory, does not take account of the poor state of very old drains, sewage is already leaking into the harbour and flooding is likely.

The next stage is for the new application to go before Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee and there is still time to send your views to Cornwall Council and its Members.

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