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160122 | Hayle Town Council support application to turn R&J warehouse building into 70 homes | The Cornishman


Hayle Town Council support application to turn R&J warehouse building into 70 homes

By CMKirsteSmith | Posted: January 22, 2016

Photo by Graham Coad

R&J Supplies

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Hayle Town Council voted in support of the application that would see an old warehouse demolished and turned into 70 homes last night.

The planning application proposes to demolish the existing warehouse style building where R&J Supplies is currently located on Copper Terrace and build 67 flats and maisonettes and three houses.

The planning application is within the Hayle Conservation area and is part of the town's history, the building, which would be knocked down previously belonged to The Cornish Copper Company and J&F Pool Engineering and dates back to World War One.

Because of the history there will be measure put in place if the development goes ahead. If approved the development will keep and make the retaining Scoria wall at the back of the site, which is 6 metres high, visable.

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Also because it is a possibility to find remains of the Foundry below the ground the remains will be left or the development will be watched by an archaeologist.

During the council meeting last night some Councillors were excited about the plans, whereas others were more apprehensive.

There were concerns that the proposal would overdevelop the area, with the main issue being the proposed five-storey flat blocks which could be "pushing the limit" and "over-bearing" especially to Prospect Place which is located behind the site.

Another concern raised was the lack of a play area for children.Councillor Jayne Ninnes said: "There should be space for kids to knock a ball around and play instead of in a car park."

Councillor Clive Polkinghorne spoke on behalf of a resident who was worried about the development encroaching too close to his house which would restrict his access to carry out maintenance work on the property.

The site access and neighbouring junctions were also a cause for concern among Councillors because of the increase in traffic that the proposed flats and houses would bring.

However, despite worries and concerns Hayle Town Mayor Graham Coad spoke in favour of the application over the current warehouse on the site, he said: "my concern is we will have 10 more years of R&J Supplies."

Despite the numerous concerns Hayle Town Council supported the application providing the following issues were addressed by the developer:

  • That the five-story flats be relocated at the rear of the site
  • There be an amenity space where children can play safely seperate from the parking
  • The developer contact the resident concerned about the effect of the development to his property
  • The drainage of surface water and rain water into Copperhouse dock is a questionable practice
  • The nearby junctions receive development including Lethlean Lane which should be a roundabout.
  • The developer provides at least 30 per cent affordable housing.


  • expatcornish | January 22 2016, 7:56PM

    Has anybody surveyed the ground for, amongst other things,- heavy metal contamination?

  • grahamcoad | January 22 2016, 7:52PM

    GOSH! Yes I did say I was worried about ten more years of R.J. Supplies, but I wasn't worried about the business which has many fans including me, BUT I hate the dilapidated buildings, right where the holidaymakers queue to join the main road, and their first impression of Hayle each day! Graham (Mayor)