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160309 | Hayle Stakeholder Engagement Workshops and this one focused on the Heritage aspects of Developing on North Quay, the "H



I attended an interesting meeting yesterday as mayor, at the Harbour Office in Hayle.
Present were planning officers from Cornwall Council, representatives of the harbour owners, their planning advisors, their architect, Stephen Levrant and Maida Kaiser (Heritage Architecture experts), representatives of Historic England and the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.
Deputy Mayor Nick Farrar was unable to attend but councillor John Bennett was able to attend as Chair of Hayle Neighbourhood Plan.

It is the first of a series of "Hayle Stakeholder Engagement Workshops" and this one focused on the Heritage aspects of Developing on North Quay, the "Hilltop" site behind it near the Cricket Club, and to a lesser extent Riviere Fields, behind Clifton Terrace.

Part 1 was on understanding the heritage context of the proposed sites.
Part 2 homed in on the Heritage and character of the area.
Part 3 was centred on design.

Discussion then revolved around
"What sort of place should Hayle Harbour be? Who will go there? What activities will happen? How will it complement rather than detract from the rest of Hayle?
What design principles should be put in place, covering layout, scale, materials, public and private space, access and parking etc.

A very interesting get together and encouraging that the main bodies who will have influence over this development are sitting around a table and debating the issues right from the start.

It looks like home building will be lower density than envisaged in the permitted Outline Planning, as market demand has changed since permission was granted in 2010. The permission extends to 2020 so we can expect movement on the development soon. They only have four years or else they will have to re-apply.


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