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160401 | FB | BRIDGE OVER PENPOL CREEK. Hayle Town Council met representatives of the harbour owners yesterday and received thi

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Hayle Town Council met representatives of the harbour owners yesterday and received this explanation.

Bowmer and Kirkland who repaired south Quay and built ASDA are in negotiations to sell the remainder of South Quay and Foundry Yard to a company associated with the harbour owners, as such B&K have withdrawn their bridge application to the Marine Management Organisation, as they will not now be completing the works.

The company buying the property inherits the responsibility to build the bridge, but it will not happen until the sale is complete --SO "unlikely to be in 2016" BUT the bridge is coming.

Disappointing delays but at least the bridge is coming.

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Dennis Grainger
Dennis Grainger So is Christmas
Trevor Maxfield
Trevor Maxfield Why do we never get binding agreement's, that tie them in to completing work by a specific time? Isis a classic example.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend No doubt, not thought of by the then HTC who agreed to it all. Surprised Isis gardens has been started.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Surely, Breach of Contract, rules should be in place!
John Relf
John Relf We should have legal ties in place to penalise B&K for failing to deliver what they promised, another shambles! It'll be well past 2020 before the bridge arrives and it'll be a cheap wooden walkway at that because Asda will have departed by then due to lack of profits!
Chris Hollow
Chris Hollow Anybody surprised by this ??
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John Parker
John Parker Just like the loggans mill restoration behind lidls.... De ja vouz....
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Ken Townend
Ken Townend Visiting ASDA 3 times a week, it is always busy. Do not think they have a problem with profit. Great shop. Possibly in the wrong place. But handier to walk to there, than having to drive down to Marsh Lane.
Beryl Bez Smith Curran
Beryl Bez Smith Curran Who's to say the next company won't sell on and so it goes, on and on and on. After all it's only business.
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