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160401 | Possible expansion on northern edge of Angarrack | Hayle Neighbourhood Plan | Policies - First Consultation

Hayle Neighbourhood Plan | Policies - First Consultation

The survey has 61 questions on the proposed Hayle Nieghbourhood Plan.

This is a highlight of some of the significant maps - but you are STRONGLY advised to take the survey yourself to fully understand the context

There are a number of significant points about Hayle Neighbourhood including planning, development, leisure and traffic.

There are also a couple of points whichare likely to have more significant impact on the immediate vicinity of Angarrack including helpful clarification fo the extent of the County Wildlife Site and also clarification on TV2/NE1

Small extract - views on possible expansion of the northern edge of the village of Angarrack:


The western entrance to Angarrack is protected from expansion of the adjacent industrial and retail areas.
The village has little room for expansion, although there are occasional applications for new development in the gardens of existing properties.
A small area of possible expansion is proposed on the northern edge of the village and your view on this is also sought.

Map 12 Angarrack

Map 12 Angarrack
Click here for a larger map.

HNP | Industrial development between Hayle and Angarrack [extract Map 09]

HNP | Industrial development between Hayle and Angarrack [extract Map 09]


HNP | County Wildlife - East Hayle and  Angarrack [extract Map 21]

HNP | County Wildlife - East Hayle and  Angarrack [extract Map 21]


We have used a few abbreviations in this document so it is a bit shorter and easier to read.

Here are the ones we have used:
NPPF   The National Planning Policy Framework   This is the overriding document specifying central government's planning policies
CLP   The Cornwall Local Plan   Every county is required to write a local plan giving specific details. The CLP, for example, specifies how many dwellings must be built in Hayle
  Neighbourhood Plan/
Hayle Neighbourhood Plan
  This is our Neighbourhood Plan which, when adopted, runs until 2030.
PLP   The Penwith Local Plan   For many years the PLP was the governing document for planning in Hayle and West Cornwall. It is superseded by the CLP and the NP but had some good policies that we have tried to capture.


Map 1 The Hayle Neighbourhood Plan Boundary
Map 2 Foundry Town Centre - proposed extension
Map 3 Copperhouse Town Centre - proposed extension
Map 4 South and West Built-up Areas - Housing
Map 5 North Built-up Area - Housing
Map 6 North-east Built-up Area - Housing
Map 7 Angarrack Built-up Area - Housing
Map 8 Allocation for New Built-up Area
Map 9. Industrial Areas
Map 10 Professional Employment
Map 11 Phillack
Map 12 Angarrack
Map 13 Foundry
Map 14 Undeveloped Coastal Areas
Map 15 Sandy Acres
Map 16 Riviere Towans Chalets
Map 17 Town Framework Open Space
Map 18 Greenspace
Map 20 Copperhouse Pool Protection Zone
Map 21 Wildlife Areas
Map 22 Junction Safeguarding Areas
Map 23 Public Amenities
Map 24 Loggans Mill Protection Zone