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Cranford Developments back in pre-planning application stage for additional retail park in Hayle

By CMKirsteSmith | Posted: April 05, 2016

Cranford's retail park proposal that was rejected in December 2015

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BUILDING developers who have been rejected twice by Cornwall Council look set to submit another planning application for a retail park in Hayle.

Cranford Developments, who intended to bring both Debenhams and H&M to Hayle but were rejected by Cornwall Council, have started the process for a new planning application on their land in Hayle.

In November 2015 Cranford and Walker developments, who had also submitted a rival application for a retail park at Hayle Rugby Club just off Marsh Lane, went to Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning meeting.

Walker Development's outline application was approved by Cornwall Council. Cranford's application was rejected because the Hayle Rugby Club application has been approved and because of the cumulative impact it would have on Penzance, Hayle, Camborne, Falmouth and Truro Town Centres.

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Cranford's application was also rejected in December 2014, when the application originally went to Cornwall Council.

The developers, who own land on Marsh Lane just off the Loggans Moor roundabout, went back to Hayle Town Council last week with a new pre-planning application, where they have now changed the type of stores they would like to bring to Hayle.

Hayle Town Mayor Graham Coad, said: "This new "pre planning application consultation" proposes a smaller development on the same site, but with non-food, non-fashion based shops, but with all "White Goods" like Currys and Wickes and similar.

"This claim this would complement, not compete with the Rugby Club development, and produce only a far smaller element of "cumulative impact" on other towns. They appear to have dealt with all the major issues that they were previously refused permission on by Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee."

A spokeswoman from Hayle Town Council said: "This is still at the pre-application stage and we are expecting the formal new application for the proposed new retail park to come before the town council in the near future."