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160510 | FB | The planning appeal by Linden Homes against the refusal of its planning application on land behind Penpol School

Ref: APP/D0840/W/15/3006077
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The planning appeal by Linden Homes against the refusal of its planning application on land behind Penpol School has ramifications for any planning application in, next to, or affecting the Hayle World Heritage area.

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Trevor Maxfield
Trevor Maxfield Best news I have heard today.
Deborah Leth
Deborah Leth Does this include hollows terrace Graham ? ? cannot make out on my phone.
Deborah Leth
Naomi Harris Trathen
Naomi Harris Trathen Yeh I think we are just inside it Deb! smile emoticon
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Tania Grey
Tania Grey So does that mean, and please show me patience I am in thicko mode today, that all future planning is likely to be refused in those areas?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Tania, NO, it does not mean that no planning permission will be granted in the World Heritage area, but it means that all planning applications there must also consider the WHS status, and could be refused if they cause more than a certain amount of harm to the "Outstanding Universal Value" of the Port of Hayle.

The new fire station was passed and small homes in less visible parts, BUT a big modern development of 200+ homes right on the edge of it and visible from several areas was refused and that refusal backed up by the appeal.

It also has less effect on planning permissions already granted Trevor but has to be taken into account for detailed plans.
Trevor Maxfield
Trevor Maxfield Surely Graham this should have been examined! before outline permission was granted.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I'm sure it was Trevor, and as you know the World Heritage people were very concerned about Hayle a couple of years ago, but first Penwith District Council and then latterly Cornwall Council felt that the regeneration of Hayle and harbour was such a positive thing that it outweighed the then Local Plan and WHS status.

The importance of WHS status has since been 'beefed up' by the more recent National Planning Policy Framework, hence the 'working together' of developer and heritage interests.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad The following link takes you to a page where you can download the map in .pdf format, which is easily zoomed into.
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Graham Coad
Graham Coad And yes, Deborah, it does include Hollows Terrace, but is not retrospective.
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Graham Coad
Graham Coad The Port of Hayle has been part of the World Heritage site since 2006, and several planning applications within the site have been granted as they were not considered to harm the status.
John Minshall
John Minshall Please can someone explain why BT have put a utility pole outside my house in glebe row when it is inside a world heritage site.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Because a BT pole is not going to damage the "Outstanding Universal Value" of the Port of Hayle, John.
A new housing estate might.....
John Minshall
John Minshall Have you seen how many utility poles there are in glebe row. Anywhere else the wires would be underground. When everybody in the row has "high speed" broadband it will look like a spiders web. This IS in my view damaging to the overall aspect of the area and considering it is totally unnecessary and a cost cutting measure all the more disgraceful.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I use Glebe Row several times a day, and hadn't noticed....
Gail Willis
Gail Willis I suppose a warehouse/industrial unit retail park built on the only fresh water marsh, flood plain and nature reserve will not damage 'the out standing Universal value' either frown emoticon
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Graham Coad
Graham Coad The Marsh Lane site is not in or adjacent to the WHS area Gail frown emoticon
Gail Willis
Gail Willis I'll just have to keep trying then smile emoticon
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Got a Street light out the front and BT pole out the back. They have got to go somewhere I suppose.
John Minshall
John Minshall Yes. We already have Utility poles at the rear AND front of the property. This is a THIRD pole, but so close that the wires will come directly over our small front garden and ruin the view from the window and lower the value of the property. I understand the issue that they couldn't use the existing poles because they couldn't get permission from the electricity company but in this case considering the location I would have thought some consideration would have been made to the visual aspect of the area. Being in a world heritage site, directly opposite a SSI and being one of the oldest remaining set of cottages left in Hayle.
Trevor Maxfield
Trevor Maxfield I know it won't help, but are they paying you a levy for the cables crossing your property, also for the pole to be on your land? If not I think you are entitled to some payment, maybe worth looking into.
John Minshall
John Minshall Trevor Mayfield I've looked into it, its not on our property and as far as I know corresponds to all the legal requirements. We were basically told there's nothing we can do about it and I wouldn't want to have it moved just to pass on the problem to a neighbour. I just wish some consideration had been made to either come to a deal between BT and the electricity company to use their poles (as we currently do) or bury the cable. Obviously no one else is really bothered about it.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Agree with you John. Not good. We had the telegraph pole in our back garden. I asked if they could move it as I wanted to put a greenhouse in corner where it was. They gave me a £75 One off Pay Off. Then about 3 months later they came and moved it into back lane. Nice one!
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