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160612 | FBHDG | Pre-application proposal to demolish Hayle Coop and build a housing development on the whole site right up to

Via Facebook

Well here is a big surprise from the Planning website.

Pre-application proposal to demolish Hayle Coop and build a housing development on the whole site right up to the crossroads, both sides of the dock!

Apologies to Coop staff if this is the first you have heard of it...

Scott Matthews A shame about the loss of jobs if this proceeds but isn't this what everyone wanted - development within the town and not on the fringes which would increase the town boundaries. Looks like a nice scheme to me. I hope it will be a mixed development with business/commercial space also.
Sam Hutchens
Sam Hutchens
Suzanne Benney
Suzanne Benney Sorry to hear that. A really nice local shop with lovely staff . The Manager Paul is trying so hard to generate more custom. I will be sorry to see it close if it does x
Debbie Ayre
Debbie Ayre What about a cinema rather than more houses.. What a shame
Charlotte Louise Hardaker-Woods
Charlotte Louise Hardaker-Woods Me and George said cinema :/
Debbie Ayre
Graham Coad
Graham Coad You misunderstand Planning perhaps, we can't choose what goes on a site, just respond "object or support" to whatever it is the land owner or developer proposes.
Debbie Ayre
Debbie Ayre Yes Graham Coad we know. Just saying. ??
Tracey Harrison
Tracey Harrison I get you object or support..but if the shop is going no matter what..shame for the staff..if we can't's got to look better as I've just looked at plans...BUT if I could choose..
INdoor pool/ leisure centre..or
Some cinema...with indoor ball park, play area..somewhere , something to do in the winter..
Derek Rule
Derek Rule It is certainly in the right position to provide something for the visitors, particularly on the Towans, to do. Yes - a cinema or other mass entertainment facility, although I take the point that we don't have a choice. We need facilities not only for locals but for visitors to remember and more especially to come back because of.
Bill Bowen
Bill Bowen Hopefully it won't be the idiot who designed the Lelant one way fiasco sorting out the access to these properties. It's needed a roundabout by R&J for years! Nightmare getting outta there! IF they get it right it could make that junction a lot easier.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad THIS IS JUST A PROPOSAL remember.....
David Clemo
David Clemo It's bound to change the character of the area. These days developers tend to build tall and narrow and that would significantly change the look of the town from the Phillack side. We'll see what is planned
Andy Williams
Andy Williams Not MORE HOUSES surely ?????
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins I wouldnt like that...Is co-op closing??? if site levelled it should be made to look natural for wildlife and ppl to a big pond habitat for wildlife and birds and pleasing to the eye....dont need more houses....thats not pleasing to locals or anyones eyes
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Nice new School. But not more bl***y houses. If houses, build a council estate for locals only. With parking. Garages and play areas. But that aint going to make huge profits for the up country building collectives is it. More Council Tax for the CC coffers I suppose. If it happens.
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins ken... we got half a dozen many do you need? no more buidings or council estates needed here...especially hi risers...or it will end up looking like needs a more pond, park, wildlife friendly place...a nice place to go for ppl and families...not more bricks !
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Got a lot of schools but few places.
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins if you mean Hayle then yes...few places...hence we need more open spaces for families...not more buildings
Deborah Leth
Naomi Harris Trathen
Deborah Leth
Jase Atkins
Jase Atkins To Mark Thomas saw ur post regarding your drone over asda live flights etc..... You can be done for that by Police....invasion of peoples privacy etc....If a woman complained you could be done for perving on her
Derek Rule
Derek Rule I doubt it Jase. Extract from the CAA rules for flying drones; a) An unmanned aircraft fitted with a camera must always be flown at least 50m (164ft) distance away from a person, vehicle, building or structure
b) An unmanned aircraft fitted with a cam
era must not be flown within 150m (492ft) of a congested area or large group of people, such as a sporting event or concert
c) For commercial purposes, operators must have permission to fly a drone from the CAA
Derek Rule
Derek Rule I'm sure Mark is aware of these CAA regulations
Melanie Warren
Melanie Warren Mark Thomas great video some people have nothing better to do than look at the negatives
Fatma Denman
Hannah Beynon
Hannah Beynon Bob Hardman have you seen this?!
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson What the fcuk is wrong with you people? Here is a proposal and as Graham reiterated it is just that, and hopefully it will fall at the first hurdle. However if it doesn't then the Co-op is in real danger of not existing anymore as we know it in Hayle with the inevitable loss of jobs and livelihoods to those people. Yet all the comments here are either about the desire to not have houses or else everyone is pitching for what they would like to see in it's place. Hardly a word of concern for the Co-op employees, in fact lots of people seem to be getting quite excited about the non-existent opportunity for a recreational facility/wildlife/cinema in it's place. Get yourselves down to the relevant meetings when they happen and voice your opinions that we are quite happy with what is on the site at the moment - namely a non-profit making organization (in the sense of not having institutionalized shareholders to kowtow to) with a strong social conscience (think Fairtrade & sponsored community schemes) that provides groceries to local people and much needed jobs.
Paul Westaway
Paul Westaway Paul Westaway Hold your horses every body, I'm the manager of the Co-op and I know that the Co-op has been looking into sell 300 of its large Stores, I suspect that the planning was sought by the Co-op as a costing exercise.

These issues generally tak
e months to decide upon and start the process, at the time we were in a bit of a dire situation, we were losing money. you can't blame the Co-op for looking into options.They would have difficulties getting a change in usage to residential because the arsenic contamination in the back yard. Originally the Store was going to be twice the size, but had to refrain from building in the yard area.
Paul Westaway
Paul Westaway Things have been changing at the Store, sales have increased markedly and we are in profit. I have recently taken on a number of staff and am very confident about the Summer trade. In the Autumn we will also be launching an excellent new membership card which will further improve out of season sales:-)).
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Good One Paul.
Adam James-Collins
Adam James-Collins No thank you. Ram it.
Thomas Odgers
Thomas Odgers More bloody houses. We've got enough building going on already in this town.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad - Not according to the housing targets required by our lovely Government!
Thomas Odgers
Thomas Odgers Pah, bloody goverment. I think the rabbits on Hayle towans could do a better jod than those gormless cretins.
Paul Westaway
Paul Westaway My lovely wife has noticed that the first document was stamped June 15, what's that all about?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Should have gone to Specsavers, all I can see is -6 June...
Paul Westaway
Paul Westaway Yes, true it is 16:-))
Ju Lawry
Ju Lawry How many people will be in Coop tomorrow asking when the closing down sale is?? Let us know Paulie just tell the staff how many times have they heard it before!!!! X
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Gem, the Pre Application Planning consultation IS official, it's on the Cornwall Council Planning website for all the world to see.

I THINK the planners will tell them "No Chance" for several reasons but we'll have to wait and see...
Gem Buck
Gem Buck I would rather wait and hear officially if there are any changes not on Social Media. The CO OP is doing well and our Manager Paul and everyone else has done a good job with making the store better :)
Paul White
Paul White This would also mean a housing development under construction on either side of Copper Terrace. Getting out of Lethlean Lane is bad enough already and worse when there's a fair at the park. This would make this junction a nightmare.
Georgina Rothwell
Georgina Rothwell For us living in Beatrice Terrace Co-op is vital to us, I personally really think that we should all try and make a concerted effort to shop more than we already do in Co-op to show Co-op bosses that Hayle Co-op is a profitable store and to support Paul Westaway and all the wonderful staff.
Adam James-Collins
Adam James-Collins Always go coop for my bits and bobs
Paul White
Paul White Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to petition Co-op using social media. Is their public facebook page. Wouldn't hurt to show Paul Westaway the support he has in the community.
Paul Westaway's photo.
Public group
3,924 Members
Paul Westaway
Gail Willis
Gail Willis Could this be a site for the hotel you mentioned Graham? Waterfront cafe, leisure facilities, conference centre on a brownfield site that would encourage trade in the town.
David Clemo
David Clemo With Copperhouse dock as a luxury marina (might have to demolish the new bridge though)
Graham Coad
Graham Coad No, this site is for Town Centre retail in our local Land Allocations, Neighbourhood Plan etc. I would hope it stays as Coop.
Phil Thomas
Phil Thomas Whlst I feel for the Co-op staff should they face unemployment we are well served for grocery outlets and the market forces will eventually dictate who survives.
If the area was to be developed I would love to see some genuine long term vision whereby
there could be a watersports centre to include kayaking,windsurfing etc to utilise some of the pool and also a cycle hub to take advantage of the link to the coastal cycle way to St.Ives.Let's look at some new ideas for diversifying our retail offering to attract those with a higher disposable income.
With the right team behind it,should this site be developed it could be a great opportunity for Hayle.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad It's highly unlikely to get any approval or encouragement, as it would contravene so many planning policies.

Phil, practically nothing can be done with Copperhouse and Wilson's pools or land right beside them as they are part of the SSSI, no matter how good a team is, an SSSI is pretty insurmountable. (Also World Heritage Site.)
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Cornwall Council have stopped this Pre-Application Proposal from being visible to the public.
Paul Westaway
Paul Westaway Any idea why they would do that Graham ?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Paul, your bosses didn't want anyone to know and had it pulled I think. Planning Officer is Peter Bainbridge.
Gail Willis
Gail Willis Are there many applications that are 'kept secret'?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Not applications, Gail, all planning APPLICATIONS are published, but this is a "pre-application consultation" where a landowner or developer can submit an idea to planners inexpensively to see whether it is likely to be successful or not without going to the big expense of a full planning application.
These CAN be subject to "Commercial Confidentiality" where to make them public could alert commercial competitors to your ideas.

There are so many planning policies against this site being developed for homes that it's extremely unlikely.
Gail Willis
Gail Willis It a minefield !
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Thats why you have some councillors who strive to keep abreast of planning law and guidelines....Elections next May, have a go!
Neil Harvey
Neil Harvey Funny application no longer visible funny that is

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