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160620 | Walker Developments website shows start date for the Hayle Rugby Club Retail Park as MAY 2017. This will be after the

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Good news for Hayle.

Walker Developments website shows start date for the Hayle Rugby Club Retail Park as MAY 2017.

This will be after they have completed current retail projects at the West Truro Retail Park Threemilestone for DFS, Oak Furniture Land, Chiquito, Subway and Eco Wash and Wax and Callywith Retail Park in Bodmin, for new stores for B&M Stores and Farm Foods , a KFC Restaurant and Drive thru, an Eco Wash and Wax together with a Padstow Pasty Co.unit.

Visit their website to find out more


Walker Developments has over 30 years experience operating in Cornwall and Devon in the Residential and Commercial Development market.
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Paul Warmington
William B Barber
William B Barber So, kicked into the long grass. Sorry for the rugby pun.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Quite the opposite I think!
Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington I take it the new rugby club has to be up and running before this can be started.....would that affect the schedule?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Paul I don't know every detail, but I understand the RFC transition is to be smooth...
William B Barber
William B Barber It is likely to mean that they will be looking for interested clients from that date. The ones that Graham mentions that are in there current plans for other sites don't look that exciting.
Kelly Dell
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Signing up tenants for the development is already happening in the background William, they are certainly not waiting till May 2017.

Thats shovels in the ground date!
Gail Willis
Gail Willis Graham do you think this is the retail park or the rugby club? Isn't part of the consent that the Rugby Club redevelopment is complete before the retail park begins?
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Gail The phrase used in relation to the Retail Park on the Hayle RFC land is "Works commencing May 2017"

The new RFC ground is clearly linked as the RFC won't move out of their old home until a new home is ready, but they are two separate schemes, and
...See more
Gail Willis
Gail Willis ah my mistake, but it would make sense for the rugby club to have a new ground before the old one is built on
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Absolutely, I think tight time planning is in place to make sure Rugby is continuous.
16 Jun 2016 -   Hayle Retail Shopping Park – 160,000ft  Planning consent has now been granted for this scheme with works starting in May 2017.