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160718 | EDG0156 18 July 2016 Griggs Quay, Lelant

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18 July 2016

Griggs Quay, Lelant

Dear Sir/Madam

Further to your correspondence regarding the impact of the Grigg’s Quay cycleway scheme in Lelant on traffic congestion in the local area I can inform you that the following has taken place:

• Initial traffic monitoring at Griggs Quay and the junction with the A3074 and the Hayle Causeway.

• Wider scale traffic monitoring in Lelant and western Hayle, including a traffic survey at the A30(T) / A3074 junction, and journey time surveys.

• A meeting on Friday 8 July 2016 between Cornwall Council Members, Officers and staff from CORMAC to agree on a temporary improvement to be implemented before the school holidays start and a commitment from Cornwall Council to undertake further analysis and design for a long term solution that could incorporate improvements to the A3074 Tempest roundabout, the junctions between Grigg’s Quay and both the A3074 and Hayle Causeway, and improvements to the A30(T) / A3074 junction. A meeting will be held in September / October 2016 with the local Cornwall Councillors to discuss the findings of the wider analysis and design work.

• Design and preliminary construction investigations for road widening of Nut Lane between the Wyevale Garden Centre and the A30(T) / A3074 junction.

It is proposed that the widening of the A3074 between the Wyevale Garden Centre and the A30(T) / A3074 junction will be complete by Friday 22 July 2016. To minimise disruption to current traffic the scheme will be constructed overnight and there will be temporary traffic signals to safely manage the construction site. The scheme that is being implemented is an interim scheme to provide two lanes of traffic queuing at the A30(T) roundabout and was agreed at the meeting with the local Cornwall Councillors on Friday 8 July 2016 as being the most effective immediate response to improve traffic conditions during the school holidays.

It is accepted that this scheme is not the permanent solution and work will be undertaken over the summer to analyse the traffic data that has been collected and develop a series of schemes that form a long term solution to seasonal peak traffic congestion in Lelant.

The one-way system on Grigg’s Quay has not been reversed at this time because there would have been a requirement to facilitate right turning traffic onto the Hayle Causeway in order to access the A30(T) St Erth Roundabout. Historically, there was a fatal road traffic collision in this location which resulted in the right turn manoeuvre being restricted. Significant engineering work would need to be undertaken to change the road environment in this area to safely permit the introduction of the right turn manoeuvre. There is insufficient time to develop such a scheme prior to the summer holidays and the principal impact of the cycle scheme has been to redirect traffic travelling from Lelant to Hayle from Griggs Quay onto Nut Lane and the A30(T) / A3074 junction. It was therefore considered to be more appropriate to develop a scheme that would provide for additional traffic at the A30(T) roundabout which should reduce queues and delays whilst the longer term solutions are being developed. The summer work does not preclude any other options being considered as part of the longer term traffic solution for the Lelant area.

Cornwall Council and CORMAC are fully committed to collecting sufficient data to be able to objectively develop a long term transport solution for Lelant. Further traffic data in the Lelant area will be collected following the completion of the Nut Lane widening works to understand the impact the scheme has had on the area.

As soon as further information relating to the long term traffic solution becomes available we will discuss it initially with the local Cornwall Councillors before engaging with the public.

Yours sincerely
Dhywgh hwi yn hwir


Ian Wall
Capital Projects Team Leader
Economy, Enterprise & Environment

Konsel Kernow
Cornwall Council, Pydar House,
Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1XU
Tel: 0300 1234 100

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