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160726 | Griggs Quay, Lelant For several months now I have been contacted by people regarding the impact of | Derek Thomas | FB

William B Barber So why did they not collect the data BEFORE putting in the cycle path.
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish Because that would be too sensible.
William B Barber
William B Barber Well it is Cornwall Council. Don't do sensible.
Carol Clarke
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Jane Brechtmann
Jane Brechtmann Cornwall Council elections are next year, enough said!!
Nicola Couch
Nicola Couch Well I am pleased you explained that lash up of a road widening job is an interim measure. I would like to say that to relieve traffic congestion, all you need to do is dig the cycle lane up and return the road to the way it was and this shouldn't take that long. It would save a lot of money if someone would just admit they have made a monumental and costly "mistake". Instead we have to endure more information gathering, for what reason as we all know we are sitting in traffic for longer than we have to. Please can you explain who are "Cornwall Coucil", as an elected councillor are you not part of Cornwall Council? Who made this decision and on what basis was it made in the first place? The irony is the only cyclist I have seen was cycling on the road and not the cycle path. I have yet to see anyone walking on the pavement at all!
Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott Derek is an MP not Councillor. Also many things are done by council officers (employees) often without fully consulting councillors where responsibilities have been devolved to officers. I have worked in LGov and I can't remember speaking to a Councillor once about what I was doing.
Nicola Couch
Nicola Couch Yes - apologies, it was the end of very long day - can you tell that I am very frustrated at having sat in traffic so many times recently! There really is no way out of St.Ives - I have even resorted to driving via Penzance and the back lanes in an attempt to get to my destination on time. As our elected MP thank you for continuing to finding a resoultion to this madness.
Paul Viney
Paul Viney It was Glynn stanley at cormac
Jayne Pearson
Jayne Pearson Glyn Stanley left!
Carol Clarke
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Margaret Mcclelland
Margaret Mcclelland Derek. We live in Lelant and are worried sick about this huge cock up by Cornwall Council. The ONLY solution will be to remove the whole ridiculous pavement and so called cycle path! The one way system is total unnecessary! That overly wide footpath cum cycle way is hardly EVER used. We fear having an emergency now. We are at times in virtual state of siege. The congestion continues unabated in spite of this meagre "solution" temporary or otherwise. Reinstate the roads as they were!! Please, please back us in this.
Rodney Jenkin
Rodney Jenkin I'm sure the councillors who have made this daft mistake will pay out of their own wages any costs incurred whilst rectifying the problem!!
Lynda Stevens
Lynda Stevens To be frank I am fed up with cyclists (who pay nothing to use the roads) being 'accommodated' at the expense of the motorist.
Dennis Mawdsley
Dennis Mawdsley It's too easy to say that the councillors are accountable to the public through the ballot box, but sometimes you feel that this needs to be taken further. This is more than accountability, this is gross mismanagement, the agenda for breaking what was not broken in the first place is beyond belief, the balance of common sense in putting the needs of the very few over that of greater requirements is negligent to the point where you have to question what sort of council we have.
If the Government can get the likes of Philip Green (BHS) to answer questions then I think there must be a case here for a similar enquiry.
This is Taxpayers money, wasted time and again.
Becky Newell
Becky Newell Hasn't changed much though had it? Only have to drive down there to see the miles of traffic from the roundabout right up to top of Lelant!
Nick Downing
Nick Downing Cornwall Council are grossly negligent across all of the aspects of running this county. It's another 'do first, ask questions later if we need to' approach which I am not surprised by, after the moment they unified the District Council's and then asked the public's opinion. #Sackthecommitee
Pat Liddicoat
Pat Liddicoat this has been going on for months but no one listened .. we said how dire the traffic problems were then but how much worse they would be in the summer .. did anyone listen? NO - the locals, the tradesmen, most of them sole traders so this eats into their meager profit, and the holiday makers who we rely on for trade all suffer. How can the officials in CC and the cabinet member in CC be so unaware of the the problems and the total drain on CC funds? - this has gone beyond a joke Derek and needs MP intervention of all Cornwall MPs to sort out
Frances Ring
Frances Ring Seems to me Cornwall Council get their knickers in a twist over transport & roads generally. Look at the notorious bus lane from the new park & ride in Truro, and now the proposals for Bodmin. We came from Helston to Truro this morning & the roundabouts near the Penryn campus now have natty little cycle tracks beside them. So little result for so much disruption.
Steve Preston
Steve Preston So Mr Thomas, which people are supportive of the cycle path? I don't know any. Perhaps you know something we don't? Face it, it was a huge mistake and needs rectifying immediately. I.E. putting back how it was.
Jayne Pearson
Jayne Pearson Sorry to the male population but a man cannot admit they were wrong and therefore they waste more money on a temporary so called solution that is no solution at all. They did the changes at night so as not to disrupt the traffic .... They could dig up that stupidly large pavement at night just as easily I am sure that the nearby residents would not object who must be so pi@@ed off with it all!
Sophie 'Laity' Akinti
Sophie 'Laity' Akinti The £250,000 used for this farce, should have been used for traffic lights at St Earth train station junction, where people have died!
Alex Eathorne
Alex Eathorne So the most effective and non disruptive solution was to create a whole new lane for traffic and not scrub out a few markings and change some signs around on the old Road as an interim measure? All 'schemes' by Cornwall council should be passed by public vote, not decided upon by themselves as it is costing the taxpayers millions in the long-term, the budget should be a public budget, decided upon by the public (e.g would you like your road gravelled this week and we can replace it every couple of years or would you like some real tarmac which costs more but will see a return over the 10 or 20 years it lasts?). A petition towards Cornwall council for this is needed, preferably named 'commonsense or nonsense'