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160727 | Approved with conditions | Hayle Rugby Club | PA14/02920 | Outline application with some matters reserved for proposed


Approval of revised conditions - Cllr Coombe

Approval of conditions -Cllr Nolan22/07/2016
Approval of revised conditions - head of governance25/07/2016
Approval of Del Rep - Phil Mason26/07/2016
Fiona Shelton - Legal27/07/2016
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Outline planning permission27/07/2016
 Name or DetailReceived Date
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Delegated report26/07/2016


To: Dunstan Elizabeth; Ogston, Peter; Coombe John CC; Nolan Rob CC


Subject: PA14/02920: Hayle RFC - Walker Developments

Dear All

Please find attached a slightly amended and updated report for the Walker retail
scheme. Could you all please confirm that you are happy with the updates and
amended conditions.

The main changes from the previous report circulated last month are:
- Text on Local Plan updated
- Text from letter from Secretary of State not calling in application inserted
- Condition 6 amended to more reflect wording in the Committee report.

I look forward to your approval of the report.

Peter Bainbridge
Principal Development Officer
Planning, Housing and Regeneration