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Maria Ellis and myself have just attended the meeting of St Ives town council. They unanimously voted to challenge the decision to cut the policing of this area. The Mayor (Linda Taylor) is going to meet with The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and the MPs and get clarification on why these cuts are being made. Councillors were concerned that the numbers have been cut from 40 to 5 and will still be cut further. The mayor referred to two Street Marshalls having to deal with a drunken, drugged and violent person armed with a knife just last weekend. Assistance was called but it took 40 minutes for it to arrive from Camborne. Maria Ellis will break down on this post, the structure of policing in Hayle and St Ives 5 years ago and what it is now. Maria's son was one of the Street Marshalls involved in the incident at the weekend.

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Timothy Doyle
Timothy Doyle I'm telling you it's theresa may our unelected prime minister, they will quote you figures etc etc, it's direct action we need, i say withdraw all our police element on our council tax until Mikes job is guaranteed
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto The council will be challenging the MPs on this Timothy
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Nick Farrar are you able to tell us when this will be addressed with Hayle Town Council. When will they be meeting ?
Nick Farrar
Nick Farrar The next available meeting that this topic could be discussed will be 1st of September, I will try to get this added to the agenda.
I will contact the Town Clerk and ask.
The council doesn't sit during August unless there are outstanding planning app
lications that need attention, so unfortunately we will have to wait until then.
Any member of the public is invited to attend a meeting. There is always a time before we enter the meeting proper for the public to address the council on any matter.
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Thank you so much Nick. We'll be there!
Nick Farrar
Nick Farrar That's great, but it's not the Town Council you need to lobby we are already campaigning, we have already written letters and I am meeting a representative from D&C Police on Monday to speak about this very subject , it's the Conservative MPs, and the PCC that need to be informed
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Nick Yes St Ives Mayor has agreed to meet with these tonight. Maria Ellis and I are meeting with George Eustace on Tuesday
Paul Hocking
Paul Hocking Nick Farrar September is too late, he starts in the new role in September so I would call that a fait accompli. lets see if we can get a rocket up the councils arse on this topic.
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Is this right Paul Hocking because we have been led to believe that this is to happen in 2017. WE WILL OVERTURN THIS!!!
Paul Hocking
Paul Hocking it is right it's this year
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto That has not been made apparent to anyone. Not surprised though!!! People who are members on this page, I expect you to be ready for a fight. We are not going to accept this. Maria Ellis!!!!
Maria Ellis

1 x Inspector
5 x Sergeants on Response
2 x. Neighbourhood Sergeants
1 x. Detective Sergeant
20 x Response Officers
5 x PCSO's
4 x. Detective Constables


1 x Sergeant
2. x. Neighbourhood Beat
2 x. PCSO'S for St Ives
2 x. PCSO'S for Hayle
3 x. Response Officers

SO. .


Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto PCSO's are what we know as specials who do sterling work and we are glad of them but we need more
Nick Farrar
Nick Farrar Sorry but there is a difference between pcso and special constables

From the Ugov website

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and special constables
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work with police officers and share some, but not all of their powers. Special constables are volunteers who have the same powers as police.
A PCSO can, for example:

give someone a fixed-penalty notice, eg for littering
demand the name and address of someone being anti-social
take alcohol off a person aged under 18
A PCSO can also ask a police officer to arrest a person.

The power of PCSOs can differ between police forces.

They must wear a uniform clearly marked ‘PCSO’.

Special Constables
Special Constables are volunteers but have the same powers as police officers.

Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Thank you for clarifying that for us Nick
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto Are special constables the same as Street Marshalls Nick?
Nick Farrar
Nick Farrar I'm not sure what powers Street marshalls have, your friend Maria should be able to let you know
Sylvia Taylor
Sylvia Taylor It should be noted that the Devon & Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner has chosen to increase its element of the Council Tax by 1.99% and that we pay on average £150 per annum to the Police and Crime Commissioner. Whilst that was acceptable when we had 20 Response Officers I don't feel that amount is justified for just 3.
Paul Hocking
Paul Hocking I don't see any cost benefit of the police commissioner. When is she coming to Hayle and st ives I'd like a chat with her.
Sharon Ciliberto
Sharon Ciliberto She was supposed to be visiting Hayle Emergency Station on Monday but she cancelled.
Sharon Chapman
Sharon Chapman Be even harder during summer holidays!!!!!
Hannah Richards Dash
Hannah Richards Dash If it took 40 min response time to St Ives, you can add another 30 min at least to Sennen, cuts in the whole of Penwith are unacceptable, rural policing is entirely different to Exeter and more urban areas, one officer I know worked a 19 hr shift recen...See More
Chris Oates
Chris Oates had an inccident of someone headbutted and called for Police - is the offender there - is he violent - yes to both - no Police assistance as only female PCSO's on duty - Sgt Friday always responded and acted if he was available