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160901 | Times of the sluicing for September | Deputy Harbour Master at Hayle Harbour Authority Operations Limited

Lauren Bambury
22 hrs

For those who are interested, below are the times of the sluicing for September:

2nd September: Impound at 06:27 release at 11:49
3rd September: Impound at 07:01 release at 10:01
4th September: impound at 07:34 release at 10:34
5th September: Impound at 08:07 release at 11:07
6th September: Impound at 08:39 release at 11:39

15th September: Impound at 04:42 release at 07:42
16th September: Impound at 05:22 release at 08:22
17th September: Impound at 06:02 release at 09:02
18th September: Impound at 06:42 release at 09:42
19th September: Impound at 07:25 release at 10:25
20th September: Impound at 08:09 release at 11:09
21st September: Impound at 08:56 release at 11:56
22nd September: Impound at 09:47 release at 12:47

May I take this opportunity to say we are actively trying to encourage an open door policy here at the Harbour Office, if you have any issues, concerns, questions (or praises!) please feel free to pop in and see us for a cuppa!


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