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170405 | PA17/03106 | Application for discharge of conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 31, 32 and 33 in respect of DN PA14/12215

Application for discharge of conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 31, 32 and 33 in respect of Decision Notice PA14/12215 - Foundry Yard South Quay Hayle Cornwall

Ref. No: PA17/03106 | Received date: Thu 30 Mar 2017 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Case Number :


 Name or DetailReceived Date
Application Form31/03/2017
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Cover Letter30/03/2017
Cover Letter - 31-3-1731/03/2017
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Draft Decision Notice for PA14/1221530/03/2017
 Name or DetailReceived Date
Condition 7 - Remedial Strategy Report30/03/2017
Condition 10 - Drainage Layout30/03/2017
Condition 10 - Construction Phase Drainage30/03/2017
Condition 6 and Condition 12 - construction Management and Traffic Management Plan31/03/2017
Condition 9 - Statement on Site Waste Management Plan31/03/2017
Condition 31ab Ecology Written Scheme of Investigation31/03/2017
Condition 31c Ecology Evaluation Report31/03/2017



Cover Letter30/03/2017

Mr Jeremy Content
Senior Development Officer
Planning & Enterprise
Cornwall Council
Dolcoath Avenue
Cornwall TR14 8SX
Date: 31 March 2017
Our Ref: 07-007
By email:
Dear Jeremy,
Foundry Yard, Hayle: Application Reference PA14/12215 – Condition Discharge
As you requested, please find enclosed the information necessary to discharge the pre-commencement
conditions attached to the above consent. As you are aware, the applicant is preparing to commence
works prior to the 7 May 2017 deadline to ensure the consent is lawfully implemented and we therefore
kindly request this information receives your urgent attention given the very tight timeframe involved.
The submission has been uploaded via the Planning Portal and the requisite fee has been paid. The
submission comprises the following documents which are enclosed:
Condition 6 – Construction Management Plan
The CMP has been prepared to address Condition 6 and Condition 12 (Construction Traffic Management).
As you will appreciate, the immediate priority is to legally implement the consent through starting works
ahead of the deadline. Discussions are ongoing to appoint a contractor and once that appointment is
made, the CMP and traffic management plan will be reviewed and refined if required, once the
construction programme has been worked through in more detail.
Condition 7 – Remediation
See attached remediation strategy prepared by JPG to discharge condition 7.
Condition 9 – Site Waste Management Plan
The enclosed Waste Management Strategy has been prepared to discharge Condition 9.
Condition 10 – Surface Water Management
The attached Plan 4664/DSK1 (Construction Phase Drainage) identifies the surface water management
during construction as required by condition 10i.
We also attach Plan 4664/D1A (Drainage Layout) which shows the final drainage design as required by
condition 10ii.
Condition 12 – Construction Traffic Management Plan
The CMP submitted pursuant to Condition 6 above also contains the requisite details to address Condition
Condition 31 – Archaeological Mitigation
The enclosed Written Scheme of Investigation has been prepared by Prospect Archaeology for the
evaluation of Foundry Yard to address parts A and B of condition 31.
Because of the urgency to proceed with the archaeological surveys, the WSI was informally submitted to
and agreed with Sean Taylor and should therefore meet with his formal approval once submitted
pursuant to this condition.
The works were undertaken in January and early February 2017 in compliance with part C of condition 31
and the findings are set out in the enclosed Evaluation Report which is submitted to discharge Condition
31 part C.
Condition 32 – Implementation of Archaeological Works
The archaeological works have been implemented in accordance with the written scheme of investigation
in liaison with Sean Taylor and so we request the Council’s confirmation that this condition can be
The Foundry Yard works do not impinge on South Quay and its quay walls which are identified in the
condition as being those elements of focus for condition 32.
Condition 33 – Construction Engineering Method Statement
This condition relates to the protection of sub-surface designated heritage assets associated with South
Quay, and was discharged ahead of implementation of the supermarket. There are no such assets on
Foundry Yard and so we ask for the Council’s confirmation that no further work is required pursuant to
this condition.
Overall, we would be grateful if this information could be processed as quickly as possible so we can meet
the deadlines set by the permission. Clearly, if any questions arise, we ask that immediate contact is
made so that we can address matters expediently.
Yours sincerely,
Bill Davidson
Enc. As noted
Cc. Simon Clarke


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