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171207 | Millpond scheduled monument removed from at risk register | UPDATE FROM GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE FOR GROWTH (GI4G)


The mayor introduced Helen Fearnley and asked her to give her presentation.

Ms Fearnley introduced herself and her new colleague Karen Hall. She gave her presentation using Powerpoint slides (see Appendix A). She brought everyone up to date with how the project was going.

Useful feedback had been received from the consultation regarding Bay View, which identified issues with anti-social behaviour. Trees would be cut back and granite boulders and the tables moved towards the central non-secluded parts of the site. They also planned to improve access and infrastructure for people with disabilities. Work was due to start on 15 February 2018 at the earliest.

The plans for Commercial Road Car Park remained much as designed. The only change was that the bench not surrounded by hardstanding would be brought into line with the other five benches which were already planned with hardstanding, therefore making it more accessible. Purchase of the correct ‘streetmaster’ benches was being researched. Ms Fearnley asked if Hayle Town Council (HTC) could provide maintenance and insurance for these benches and the clerk agreed to do so on behalf of the council, having established that the necessary budget was within her remit. The clerk accepted the offer of the existing bench ends if they were wrought iron ones. Helen Fearnley agreed to explore the suggestion that this site be transferred from Cornwall Council (CC)’s Car Parks to its Amenities department, even if only for a 15 year lease, after informing members that GI4G had the funds for the improvements related to this project and a two year establishment process, but the department responsible for the sites had to commit to maintaining them for 15 years. Ms Fearnley thanked the RSPB and Natural England (NE) for permission to carry out these changes. Construction was due to start on 15 February 2018.

Regarding the Millpond site it had been realised late in the day that it was a scheduled monument and had been placed on the at risk register. Ms Fearnley had met Ann Preston-Jones of Historic England (HE) who had agreed that the overgrowth could be cleared and young sycamore trees on Ropewalk be thinned. CC’s tree specialist, CORMAC representatives, the subcontracting team and project managers had met on site and the project team was confident that the work was all in good hands. It was noted that Ann Preston-Jones would be on site for some of the work, which included removal of some dead trees and the reduction of the crowns of others. It had been acknowledged that some work would be needed on the buildings in the future. Ann had had some concerns about the removal work, which would also need doing the following year following spraying and time for the chemicals to take effect. After removal of the buddleia some probably minor masonry repair work would need to be done. However, the grant could not be spent on masonry work and so Ann Preston- Jones would be looking at sources of funding and it was hoped that HTC would also apply for grant/s and/or provide money. The clerk informed everyone that HTC would be spending money on the water side of the Millpond, which was in its ownership. It was noted that for many years CC had not recognised that the buildings were in its ownership and that this was why the area has been neglected. Ms Fearnley was happy to inform the meeting that GI4G would be funding an extra


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project at this site and would now be funding four projects, including biodiversity in the gardens. Permission from Ann Preston-Jones was still outstanding and the earliest date for commencement of works would be 19 March 2018. Ms Fearnley added that there would be an opportunity for savings for HTC if the Millpond tree works already in the pipeline were timed with the GI4G works.

The next site to be discussed was Loggans Way/Kernick Way. Helen Fearnley reported that the owner of Sandy Acres Park was against opening up new access but had agreed to allow material delivery from Sandy Acres lane. (Councillor Pollard interjected that she had no right to stop anyone on foot as it was a public right of way, although it was not a definitive footpath.) The only challenge for the project team was that the site fell within the boundary of an SSSI, but Ms Fearnley was confident that the designation of the area as such was a digitisation error, although as consent from NE was required the issue had to be investigated and a method statement provided. CORMAC had been asked to follow this up. Tree works were due to start on 3 January 2018 and construction on 12 January, but obtaining permissions had delayed work and GI4G asked for the town council’s patience.

It was also reported that Ann Preston-Jones was keen to publicise and celebrate the removal of the Millpond scheduled monument from the at risk register.

Councillors were very happy and gave their thanks to Helen and the GI4G team for arranging everything in such a short timeframe.




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