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1783 | Mellenoweth estate sold by Arundell family to William Tremayne for £315

"Mellenoweth was an estate of about fifty nine acres and forms the South-east corner of Angarrack Village. It remained within the manor of Connerton and ownership of the Arundell family for centuries until it was sold to William Tremayne in 1783 for 315 Pounds Sterling. His father first leased Mellenoweth as a sub-tenant of Thomas Glynn of Gwinear in 1737.

In 1800 William mortgaged Mellenoweth to a Mary Strickland who, in the same year sold the property with the exception of the Angarrack Inn.

In the booklet "Angarrack" it says that when William purchased Mellenoweth he had it surveyed. The gardens covered seven acres with shrubberies, orchards and fishponds and were described by Davis Gilbert in his Parochial History of Cornwall (1838), as the finest garden in the West of Cornwall"

From a booklet entitled, "Angarrack, The Singular History of a Cornish Village", by John Higgans, dated 1986 at Newton Abbot

Plan of Angarrack Estates  John Higgans