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180202 | Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian with the semi rural area of Hayle


Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.



(See attachment 1 for a clearer map)
This proposed division has been developed using the principles set by the Local
Government Boundary Commission, together with the stated guidelines used by the
unitary authority Cornwall Council, that is taking the existing Community Network
Areas as a base on which to build the new divisional structure.
Cornwall is unique in that it is the only county in the United Kingdom that is a
peninsular, and its major towns are small in relation to the average urban size within
the British Isles. This together with the fact that the majority of the population live in
rural villages and settlements creates a multitude of identities and loyalties. The
industrial and social history of Cornwall both grew out of, and shaped this rich
geographical tapestry.
Geographically the division sits between two urban areas, to the west Hayle and in
the east the larger town of Camborne.

Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
The following polling districts have been used as building blocks to construct this
proposal –
Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council –
Hayle Town Council –
CHN 2 (50%)
1. Delivering
electoral equality for local voters.
To simply divide the number of electors in the county by the agreed number of
councillors would in one way guarantee equality of electors, but in a
predominantly rural area with small towns, may lead to an inequality of
electors. For example should a division consist of a mix of urban and rural,
and the rural part contain 70% of the electors then those living in the urban
area will always be outvoted and consequently unrepresented.
If the Community Network Area is to be the basis from which the new
electoral divisions are to be constructed, then it is obvious that laying on the
east side of the bay the town of Hayle and the parish of Gwinear Gwithian
should be the units from which the two new divisions would be created. This
proposal will generate an equality of electors, in that two divisions would
evolve, one primary urban and one a near equal mix of rural and urban.
Proposed division Gwinear Gwithian with semi rural Hayle consisting of –
CHN 1 1585 CGG 1 1221
CHS 4 391 CGG 2 293
CHN 2 705 CGG 3 1208
2681 2722
Total 5403
Proposed division Hayle urban consisting of –
CHN 2 704
CHN 3 1459
CHS 1 1089
CHS 2 651
CHS 3 1485
Total 5388
Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
The two division constructed using this formula would produce a urban
division of Hayle with a dedicated elected member, together with a balanced
rural and urban division also with its own elected member.
Regarding the division of Hayle the map below reveals that the polling districts
attached to rural division are primarily semi rural in nature, containing various
camping sites and holiday chalet developments. (Note the division of Hayle is
zone 9 in the map)
(See attachment 2 for a clearer map)
The data used to support this proposal can be seen in attachment 3, and was
produced by Cornwall Council in July 2017. Since that date various updates
have been made regarding planning applications approved in the intervening
period; however I have maintained the original data in that the variance is
minor and I am of the belief that in relation to one development the actual
deliverance is questionable in the time span to 2023.
2. Reflecting Community Identity and Interests.
The proposed division consists of the following villages and settlements –
Conner Downs **
Gwithian **
Gwithian Towans **

Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
Upton Towans **
Carnhell Green **
Wall **
Reawla **
Gwinear **
Angarrack *
Phillack *
Riviere Towans *
Villages followed by * are within the Hayle Parish area, those followed
by ** are part of the Gwinear Gwithian Parish.
Associations and Groups associated with either a village or across the
proposed division –
Connor Downs Residents Association
Gwithian Village Residents Association.
Gwithian Towans Residents Association.
Gwinear and District Villages Association.
The Gwinear Show Committee
Angarrack Christmas Lights Group.
Angarrack Community Hall
Connor Downs and Gwithian W. I.
Gwinear Parish W. I.
Connor Downs Gardening Club
Gwithian Green Volunteers
Gwinear and District Footpath and Bridleways Association
The Men’s Breakfast Club
It should be noted that the three Residents Associations worked together with
the G G P C (Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council) in the developing of the now
adopted ‘Neighbourhood Plan for G G P C’ and participating in the many
consultations throughout the parish.
The Connor Downs Residents Association (CDRA) and the Gwinear and
District Villages Association are in close contact and assist each other.
The CDRA has an annual events calendar which includes –
Easter egg hunt
Summer Fete
Dog Show
Christmas Lights and Santa Arrival.
Beside the above it has a monthly Coffee Morning (free) for all residents in the
village, and maintains a small public garden on the entrance to the village.

Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
There are eight Churches and Chapels located throughout the division, the
three Anglican Churches are part of the same ministry team.
The importance of community can be seen in that within the proposed division
the six main villages still retain an open Public House, serving as both a
meeting place and a business within their host village. With regard to food
shopping the division has four all the year round convenience stores, however
residents, as with the rest of the U K, visit the larger supermarkets or discount
stores for their majority food shop, the days of shopping the high street
passed into history in the 1970’s. The impact of online shopping as lead to a
decline in textile and household stores in all but the largest towns and retail
parks. Currently residents wishing to actually visit a textile or household goods
store will travel to the West Cornwall Retail Park at Logan’s roundabout on the
A30 (this is situated within this proposed division) or travel to Truro or
Medical and health facilities are located at the surgery in Connor Downs.
3. The Local Economy.
Historically mining and agriculture, together with the support service suppliers,
would have been the main industries and source of employment. However
mining has now been replaced by tourism as a major provider of jobs and
income, and because of the division’s location on the east of one of the most
popular bays in Cornwall together with the climate, tourism is now a year
round industry.
There are a multitude of restaurants serving all sectors of the catering
industry, from fish and chips to high end cuisine throughout the division. The
importance of locally sourced produce, meats and fish being an important part
of their marketing. Along our coastline Holiday Parks have evolved from
being only caravan parks, to providing a total package family holiday
Surfing is popular and has enabled both surf shops and schools to be situated
near to our beaches. The National Trust’s car park at Godrevy Point is a place
to commence a walk along the coastal path and to enjoy the view of Godrevy
Lighthouse, again part of this division.
Agriculture still remains as a major economic driver, and a packing station
near to Connor Downs supplies a high percentage of the nation’s cauliflowers
to supermarket chains nationwide.
4. Transport.
Being a peninsular all major roads run east to west throughout Cornwall, with
interconnecting roads running north and south.

Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
The proposed division sits alongside the old A30, on entering Connor Downs
from the east the A30 is intersected by the Gwithian Rd from the north and to
the south by the Gwinear Rd. By taking the Gwinear road you can travel to
Angarrack via Angarrack Lane, and Wall and Reawla via Carnhell Green. By
turning north at the intersection you arrive at Gwithian and from there by
taking the B3301Upton Towans is only minutes away, and by proceeding the
end of the B3301 at Logan’s and taking again the old A30 Phillack and Riviere
Towans can be reached via Lethlean Lane.
All villages and settlements can be reached my car or on foot without leaving
the division.
It should also be noted that Carnhell Green, Wall and Reawla have no direct
connection to Hayle.
5. Effective and Convenient Local Government.
In formulating this proposal the two prime objectives were –
I. To achieve an equality of electors.
II. To produce a process were it would enable the elected member to
identify with the communities they represent, to be aware of the
common issues that will relate throughout the division, and to promote
the effective development of the local economy.
As stated in section 1 ’Delivering Electoral Equality for Local Voters’ an
important consideration is that the division should relate to the geography, i.e.
be predominantly urban or rural. In instances where there is no alternative but
to create a mix of urban and rural then it is vital in the interests of equality of
electors that as far as possible the proportion be equal i.e. 50/50. By
achieving this 50/50 division voters will know that their vote counts, no matter
which part of the division they reside urban or rural, they cannot be out voted
just because of their address.
The second objective is just as important, the interests of urban versus rural in
relation to social and economic issues are often different. If the electoral
division is constructed merely on numbers then the elected member will
inevitably face conflicts of interest, and issues of mistrust from electors.
Economic drivers are different in rural areas than urban, in this proposed
division the two main economic drivers are agriculture and tourism, along with
the support services required.
Geographically the division contains half of the coastline of St Ives Bay,
covering the beach from Godrevy Point to the Hayle Estuary, including the
Towans and several S.S.S.I’s, these are vital to the economic health of the
area, and by including these within one division will enable all interested
groups and organisations to have one point of contact.

Proposed Division comprising the Parish of Gwinear Gwithian
with the semi rural area of Hayle.
First to create good government the elected member must first be
representative of the whole community, not just a large section.
Second he or she should be aware of, and actively engaged in the economic
interests of the electors they represent.
I believe this proposal addresses all this requirements.
Michael R Smith
th Feb 2018.
Map 1 i.e. attachment 1 is downloaded from the Cornwall Council website and
adjusted by myself.
Map 2 i.e. attachment 2 is a download from the Cornwall Council website.
Attachment 3 is a document issued by Cornwall Council.