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181030 | Discharged | PA18/08278 | Submission of details to discharge conditions 2 and 3 in respect of PA18/00896. | The Angarra

Submission of details to discharge conditions 2 and 3 in respect of PA18/00896. - The Angarrack Inn 12 Steamers Hill Angarrack TR27 5JB

Ref. No: PA18/08278 | Received date: Wed 05 Sep 2018 | Status: Discharged | Case Type: Planning Application



Your ref:

My ref: PA18/08278

Mr Craig  Johns
Craig Johns  Architecture
69 Roskear  Road
TR14 8BX
United Kingdom
Date: 30  October  2018

Dear Sir/Madam

Submission of  details to  discharge  conditions  2   and  3  in  respect of  PA18/00896. at  The  Angarrack  Inn    12  Steamers  Hill   Angarrack   TR27 5JB 

I  refer to    the details  submitted  in respect  of    the  above.

I  confirm that  the  details  submitted  are acceptable  and  that  you  have  satisfied the  following  condition(s):

Condition Number 2 Discharged  on  29 October  2018

Condition Number 3 Discharged  on  29 October  2018

It   is suggested any  historic  glass  from  the  window being removed  should  be  reused  within  the  building to    repair  other  windows or    made  available  to a   glass  restorer  or  joinery  or salvage  company  for repairs  to    other  historic buildings.

This does  not relieve  you  of    your  obligation  to    comply  with the  Building  Regulations  or  with  any condition(s)  on  the  original  planning  permission.

Yours faithfully

Catherine Bray

Development Officer
Planning and  Sustainable  Development Service
Tel: 01209  614295

Planning and  Sustainable  Development  Service
Cornwall Council
Dolcoath Avenue
Cornwall TR14 8SX
Tel:  0300 1234  151