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190122 | Compulsory Strike Off action | Cranford Developments Limited | 05263135 | First Gazette | Companies House

First Gazette

22 Jan 2019
Companies House









Date: 22/01/2019

Ref: DEF6/05263135

Companies Act 2006 (Section 1000(3))

The Registrar of Companies gives notice that, unless cause is shown to the contrary, at the expiration of 2 months from
the above date the name of


will be struck off the register and the company will be dissolved.

Upon dissolution all property and rights vested in, or held in trust for, the company are deemed to be bona vacantia, and
accordingly will belong to the crown.



10. Companies no longer carrying on business or in operation

10.1 When the registrar may strike a company off the register

If a company is neither carrying on business nor operation, the registrar may take action to strike a company off the register.

The registrar may take this action if he has reasonable cause to believe that a company is not carrying on business or in operation. The registrar may take this view if:

  • he has not received company documents that should have been sent to him
  • mail that the registrar has sent to a company’s registered office is returned undelivered
  • the company has no directors

Before striking a company off the register, the registrar is required to write two formal letters and send notice to the company’s registered office to inquire whether it is still carrying on business or in operation. If he is satisfied that it is not, he will publish a notice in the relevant Gazette stating his intention to strike the company off the register unless he is shown reason not to do so.

A copy of the notice will be placed on the company’s public record. If the registrar sees no reason to do otherwise, he will strike off the company not less than 2 months after the date of the notice. The company will be dissolved on publication of a further notice stating this in the relevant Gazette.

10.2 How you can avoid your company being struck off

If you need your company to remain on the register, you must reply promptly to any formal inquiry letter from the registrar and deliver any outstanding documents. Failure to deliver the necessary documents may also result in the directors of a company being prosecuted.