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Hayle Harbour ‘Intervention’

Private Sector fails again, Council steps in

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet will press ahead with plans for more intervention in the housing market tomorrow by using over £15m to get the Hayle harbour development moving.


The infamous Cornwall Local Plan says there should be 1600 homes built in Hayle by 2030 and assumes that the harbour and land behind King George V Walk / Clifton Terrace, along with Trevassack, will provide the main focus for housing growth in the town. The development could account for 600 of them alone.

Money would be used, as the council is fond of saying, to “unlock development”. A new road will be built, to join two housing sites together.

The council also plans to use a grant it won last year of £5.65m to deliver on-site infrastructure to accelerate the development of a scheme on land owned by Sennybridge Hayle Ltd (SHL).

A Council report to the Cabinet says

“Hayle Harbour is one of the most important regeneration sites in Cornwall with the potential to accommodate in the region of 600 new homes, representing over one third of the Local Plan housing targets for Hayle which is the main growth area for West Cornwall due to the limited availability of large development sites in St Ives and Penzance”

The report continues

“In 2010, Cornwall Council delivered a £23m publicly funded scheme to deliver infrastructure, services and enabling works to open up North Quay for development. However, five years after the completion of the North Quay enabling works, there are no visible signs of progress (other than a Council delivered workspace development) and frustrations remain locally regarding the state of the operational harbour”

North Quay, Hayle where not much has happened since £23m of investment These spaces are prepared for flats, shops, restaurants to be built on but the private developers have stalled

The project would use £15.76m of the Council’s Capital Programme to acquire land at Riviere Fields, Hayle, – red on the diagram – and to cover the acquisition, infrastructure and associated pre-development costs.

The plan is to recoup this money from the developers, if they ever get round to building and selling the houses they promised to. The Council has made an offer for the land to SHL, subject to Cabinet approval and contract, on the basis that the cost of this infrastructure (plus interest) is recoverable from SHL by the Council.

The project also promises to bring in 600 permanent full time jobs to area, which would go the target in the Local plan of creating 30,000 jobs by 2030.

Sennybridge also is responsible for operating Hayle Harbour and this could come come under Council management as part of the deal.

The Cabinet report continues “The majority of the undeveloped land around the harbour is in the ownership of Sennybridge Hayle Ltd (SHL) who acquired the site, along with the responsibility for the operational harbour, in 2015. The land in SHL’s ownership benefits from Outline Planning consent for a mixed use scheme incorporating residential, commercial, leisure and retail.

Field behind Clifton Terrace, Hayle

The Road:

New road will start here down by the quay… Riviere Fields – the new road would come up from Chi Gallos, round the bottom of the cricket field and come out here, on the road to The Bluff/ Haven caravan park Site of Hilltop development,


Riviere Fields


In January 2017, the Council’s Cabinet gave authority to enter into negotiations with SHL to secure the future of the operational harbour and accelerate the regeneration of the area. Over the intervening period the Council has been working with SHL to agree terms.

During this period the Council has considered and explored a range of options for a Council intervention and has been successful in securing £5.65m of funding from Homes England to support housing delivery on the site.”

The only things to have been built so far at Hayle North Quay are Council funded workspaces

The Riviere Fields site will be considered for the delivery of 140 homes through the Council’s Housing Development
Programme (HDP) with the remainder of the land “potentially developed for a market sale led housing scheme through a Joint Venture, a Council selected private developer or by the Council itself.”


Cllr John Pollard (Ind, Hayle) ex Council Leader

Cornwall Councillor for Hayle North and ex council Leader, John Pollard said last year, when the Homes England grant was awarded to Hayle: “We need to avoid piecemeal development in this area and its vital that Cornwall Council takes the lead in the use of this money to further boost the opportunities of a prosperous future for Hayle.”





North Quay Spine road, Phase II

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