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190502 | Hayle Harbour S106 Summary | Strategic Planning Meeting | PA18/04577

Hayle Harbour S106 Summary

As requested by Members at the Technical Briefing a summary of the relevant S106s
is set out below.

There are currently three main planning permissions covering development within
the overall Hayle Harbour Masterplan Area. These are:

- The original outline permission which covers the Masterplan area;
- The detailed permission for infrastructure works on North Quay;
- The hybrid permission, outline and full, for South Quay.

Each of these developments is subject to a S106. Due to variations to the
permissions over the years there have been a number of changes to the S106s
attached to those permissions. In the interests of clarity only the provisions from the
latest version of the S106s are listed below.

Original Masterplan Area (including North Quay)

- Sustainable Transport

  • £40k for improved platform access to Hayle station before occupation of any dwelling
  • £60k new ped and cycle access to station before occupation of any dwelling
  • £30k improved disabled access to beach from Harvey Towans before occupation of any dwelling
  • £260 per dwelling (up to 807) local bus service
  • No occupation of 150th dwelling until
  • £70k walking/cycle routes in Hayle
  • £30k for bus stops
  • No occupation of 300th dwelling until
  • £156k enhanced rail service. More trains stopping at Hayle
  • No occupation of 400th dwelling until
  • £204k improved local bus service

- Highway Works

  • Completion of footway to Churchtown Road junction
  • Up to £75k for further improvements to Foundry Junction subject to survey work and agreement

- Ecology

  • £60k prior to commencement of Hilltop car park to be held by Council to address impacts on dune systems

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    • £60k prior to occupation of 101st dwelling at North Quay/Hilltop/Riviere Fields to be held by Council to address impacts on dune systems
    • Expenditure on various mitigation works is capped
      • Dune Mitigation
      • Following commencement Dune Area to be appropriately managed.
      • Developer to give 6 months notice of intended start to Hilltop car park
      • Developer to pay Council £60k on commencement of Hilltop car park to address impacts on dune system
      • Developer to pay Council £60k prior to occupation of 101st dwelling on North Quay towards a dunes officer
      • Method statement for dune restoration on Harveys Towans Car Park
      • Dune restoration costs capped at £231,650
      • Method statement for clearance of Sea Buckthorn
      • Sea Buckthorn clearance capped at £10,160
      • Riviere Dune Grassland Restoration Area method statement to be submitted prior to or with submission of Hilltop RM and implemented on approval. Works capped at £426,692.
      • Monitoring of dune restoration on Harveys Towans and Riviere Dune Grassland Restoration capped at £43,200.
    • Inter Tidal Mitigation
    • Removal of Cockle Bank and mitigation, capped at £212,000
    • Fishermen’s Harbour
    • New harbour arm and works capped at £10k
    • Marina
    • Marina berth holders to undergo WiSe training
    • Council can require further assessment of impact of Marina on SSSI and RSPB Reserve.
    • Any required mitigation capped at £10k
    • Ecological Management Plan
    • An EMP including a CEMP to be submitted prior to or with first RM for each Dev Area. Environmental Consultees. No development until approved.
    • In accordance with schedule 2.
  • - Education: £1500 per open market house with 2 or more bedrooms
  • - Primary Health Facilities: £180 per open market house
  • - Pedestrian Bridge: Provision of pedestrian bridge or payment of £466k. Notice was given to the developer that a contribution would not be sought and that the developer should provide the bridge.

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- Affordable Housing

  • First RM with Aff Hsg Strategic Housing Plan to be submitted
  • Affordable Housing Scheme for that Reserved Matters Area
  • Affordable Housing Scheme to conform with Strategic Housing Plan
  • 17% affordable with a cap of 175
  • Social Housing Grant affects tenure split

- Parking

  • Until the use of car parking spaces is permitted in accordance with the provisions of this Clause the Hilltop Car Park shall be restricted to use as a construction compound and boat storage area. The car parking spaces shall be phased in as follows:
  • 100 spaces upon the removal of the Harvey Towans Car Park;
  • 25 spaces on completion of the Renewables Business Park;
  • 20 spaces on first Occupation of Dwellings on Hilltop;
  • 100 spaces on first Occupation of Dwellings on North Quay;
  • 180 spaces on completion of the Marina or if the Marina is constructed in phases upon completion of the first phase of the Marina; and
  • 31 spaces on first Occupation of commercial/recreational space on North Quay (excluding residential use).
  • The management of any public car parking.
  • Upon or prior to the submission of Reserved Matters for any development on South Quay the Developer will submit to the Council a re-assessment of the parking need associated with the South Quay development.

- Development Area Travel Plan to be submitted for approval. Approval prior to development
- Green Space and Public Realm

  • Submission of details prior to development
  • Physical works to harbour walls
    • Repairs to North and East Quay prior to 100 dwellings or 1000 sq m
  • Pattern Building
    • Transfer within 3 years of agreement date
  • Goonvean Engine
  • Management
    • First RM in any Development Area to have long term management plan
    • Public access to public realm
    • No occupation until first point approved

- Business Centre within site
- Design Framework and Detailed Design Codes
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- Pedestrian Bridge
- Carnsew Sluices
- Sluicing in the Harbour

N Quay Infrastructure
  • - Dune Mitigation: £60,000 held by Council re Hilltop Car Park
  • - Use of Hilltop car park linked to removal of Harvey Towans car park and completion of Renewables Business Park
  • - Management of public car parks
  • - Ecology:
    • - Restoration and management of dune habitat at Harveys Towans car park
    • - Clearance and management of Sea Buckthorn
    • - Inter-tidal habitat: Cockle bank removal and compensation
    • - Ecological Management plan submission and approval
  • - Works to harbour walls; repair and maintenance
  • - Carnsew sluices:
    • - listed building applications to be submitted and implemented
    • - funding of sluicing
South Quay
  • - Pedestrian bridge delivery or sum of £466k
  • - World Heritage Site Levy, annual payment of between £125 and £5000 depending on size and type of property
  • - Public realm improvements: Council’s Foundry land.
  • - Heritage Interpretation £10k or 10 days expert person
  • - Education: £54,750 before any residential unit.
  • - Primary Health facilities: £5400 before any residential unit.
  • - Affordable housing: 5 additional units on N Quay/Riviere Fields
  • - Sluicing regime
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