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190726 | FBHDG | One more post on the old Hayle Co-Op, Soon to be Home Bargains. As most people will know they have now shut the

Chris Parker is feeling angry.

One more post on the old Hayle Co-Op, Soon to be Home Bargains. As most people will know they have now shut the car park that was used by all people using the local shops and with the car park shut am sure it is affecting all the shops in the area. I was chatting to the contractor and he said that Home Bargains bought out the lease which would mean when opened they could charge for the car park. (In my understanding when Co-Op was built it had to have a free car park. Now they are looking in to the fact they want to CLOSE the “Black Rd” behind Co-Op. Can this be closed? And where can people park?

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Chris Parker
Chris Parker Graham Coad
Michael Donnithorne
Michael Donnithorne There is also a pedestrian right of way through the car park from black bridge, why are they allowed to deny access Graham Coad?
Chris Parker
Chris Parker I’m not too sure that the car park had a right of way as the bridge was built by Co-Op. Ordnance survey is not showing it as a path.
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Ju Lawry
Ju Lawry Was supposed to b right of way
Jen Dawn Ritchie
Jen Dawn Ritchie Oh dear, I had a horrible feeling that this could happen (the car park anyway) I can't see how they have any jurisdiction over the black bridge area behind?
Chris Parker
Chris Parker they might have if the road is with the shop and not listed as a right of way. if it belongs the the shop/land as access then they can. Thats what i want to find out.
Jeremy Stephens
Jeremy Stephens Boycott the shop if they're gonna be like that..
Matt Geyman
Matt Geyman spot on Jer.
The 1:25k OS shows the lane behind as a Byway, so they may own it, but harder to prevent the right of way being accessed?
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Chris Parker
Chris Parker Ok so Black Rd is listed as a byway (BOAT) so they can not close that, Thanks Matt. The contractor did say he will be talking to the solicitor about the matter of closeing Black Rd.
Phil Thomas
Phil Thomas Black Road has been closed to vehicles for quite a few years due to the large stones placed at either end. Wouldn't take much to see the total closure I expect,saw this several times when we used to go greenlaning Chris. Best person to speak would be Cornwall Councils Rights of Way officer.
Gem Buck
Gem Buck That's bad if it's the case, It will put many locals off from shopping there. Most Carparks like Asda for instance give you a 3 Hour time limit before you have to pay
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish What the contractor says may need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Chris Parker
Chris Parker im useing the term contractor as i dont want to say his position. Or to whom i was talking to.
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish Let's call him ... Mr Smith