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191015 | Hayle Town Council | Cornwall Community Governance Reviews




Council Corner
October and November 2019

Cornwall Council’s Community Governance Review

Following the Boundary Review that occurred last year, Cornwall Council is now part way through a consultation looking at all parish and town boundaries and warding arrangements throughout the county. Hayle Town Council made an initial submission to Cornwall Council, as part of the first phase of the consultation.

Hayle Town Council agreed that it was neither appropriate nor relevant to consider the potential impact of moving houses in or out of its parish in terms of Council Tax, it based its proposals purely on which community the residents of the properties would most identify with.

Hayle Town Council’s proposals have a minimal impact on the neighbouring parish of Gwinear-Gwithian. This council’s proposals impact on 2 houses at Mutton Hill (moving to Gwinear-Gwithian from Hayle), 2 houses at Trungle Mill, Angarrack (moving to Hayle from Gwinear-Gwithian) and the 4 holiday lodges at Nanpusker (moving to Hayle from Gwinear-Gwithian, in line with the main dwelling, The Old Pump House). We also considered that the proposed internal ward boundaries be amended to ensure equal representation, ideally with 8 and 7 councillors representing the respective wards as opposed to proposed 10 and 5 councillors.

Hayle Town Council understands that Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council has submitted proposals for dwellings situated at Pulsack, Angarrack Hill and Carwin on Loggan’s Moor which form a vital part of the Hayle parish to be realigned into its parish. Hayle Town Council vehemently opposes this suggestion on the grounds of this entire area’s significant historic importance to the town and parish of Hayle.

We encourage you to have a look at and to get involved with the consultation process, full details can be found at:


Detailed submissions, Hayle and St Ives CNA