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1934 | The sixth picture sending to Royal Academy 'Angarrack Valley,' which was not ready in time for show at Passmore Edwards

Cornishman Cornwall, England

12 Apr 1934

be reproduced in colours by the firm which recently purchased it from jMr. Forbes. The sixth picture he is sending up 'Angarrack Valley,' which was not ready in time for the show at the Passmore JfSdwards' Gallery.

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*Stanhope A. FORBES


Coloured print

`Angarrack Valley` children sitting by a stream with cattle grazing in the distance

Circa 1934

Signed in pencil

16"" x 20"" image size

(40.6cm x 50.8cm) wide margins

Note: Published by Alfred Bell & Co. London 1934

Sold: Penzance Sep 11, 2014


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