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200201 | February and March 2020 | Council Corner

Council Corner

February and March 2020

New Councillor
and Council Vacancy

In January Councillor Nigel D’Arcy joined the council, representing the North Ward. We welcome Nigel to the team. His and all councillors’ contact details are listed on the council’s website page.
Unfortunately, Councillor Bernie Marks has resigned from the town council. We wish her well and thank her for positive contribution over the last 5 years. Consequently we now have another councillor vacancy for the Hayle North Ward. More information is on the council’s website. If you would like to get involved and take an active role in shaping the future of Hayle please contact the clerk, details below, to have an informal chat to find out what is involved.


As you all know Hayle suffered flash floods in December 2019. The town council sincerely hopes that things are returning to normal for all those homes and businesses that were affected. We wish to put on record our thanks to all those that helped in the subsequent clean-up operation and the local and national companies that donated time and/or goods. We understand that a multi-agency review of the causes of the flooding is underway to hopefully mitigate future occurrence.  We will keep you posted.

2020/2021 Precept Demand and Staff and Organisational Review

At the time of writing this Hayle Town Council’s Precept for 2020/21 has not been finalised. The town council has arranged a time extension with Cornwall Council for the submission of its precept request. The reason for the delay in finalising the budget is largely due to the council commissioning an independent, holistic staff and organizational review. The review, which took part in early January, comprised an in depth look at the current responsibilities and services that the council deliver, the number of existing employees (13, mostly part-time roles, including library staff and excluding seasonal lifeguards), the current workload,  devolved and delegated duties, the committee structure and the cycle of meetings.  The findings of this report are due imminently and recommendations will be put to the council for consideration.  The outcome of the review and consequent decisions will allow members to set the required budgets for the forthcoming financial year.  It is anticipated that this process will be completed by 6 February and details of both the review and the precept will be published on the website.

Annual Citizens and Organisations of the Year

Nomination packs will soon be available from the town clerk’s office for the Citizens and Organisation of the Year Awards.  The council is also seeking nominations for Hayle Young Person of the Year and Hayle Youth Organisation of the Year.  The deadline for all nominations is Wednesday 15 April 2020.

Hayle Recreation Ground

The town council has recently engaged Topan Fencing to install more of the bow-top metal fencing at Hayle Recreation Ground, around the children’s play area. We hope that you all agree that it looks much improved and in the long term it should require less maintenance and, fingers crossed, it is less susceptible to vandalism. Following a recent routine inspection, the slide was found to have a problem and, for the time being, has been taken out of use. Hayle Town Council and CORMAC (maintenance contractors) staff are working hard to find a safe solution and hopefully it will be open and safe to use shortly. In the meantime, we thank you for understanding.

Car Park at Hayle Swimming Pool, King George V Memorial Walk

Improvements to the car park surface will soon be undertaken at the car park. This year Hayle Harbour Company has donated the gravel and will assist with the work. Thank you. When the work has been completed a car parking meter will be installed and users will be required to pay to park between the hours of 10.00am and 6.00pm.  People using the Swimming Pool facilities will be able to claim their payment back and the car park will be free to everyone after 6.00pm daily. The fee for the first hour will be 50p. The ‘No Overnight Parking’ rule will still apply.

Small Grants Available

Hayle Town Council annually awards capital grants to local clubs and organsations. If your group is in need of new equipment/kit or requires funds to secure other sources of funding for larger projects, please contact the town council office for an application form. The council’s Resource Committee considers grants quarterly; the next meeting is scheduled for 23 April 2020.  For consideration at that meeting please submit your completed application form by 16 April 2020.

Website and Town Events

If you know of or are involved with organising an event that will benefit the local community and/or charity, let us help you publicise it on the town council’s website on our ‘What’s On’ page.  Please send us all the relevant details –date, time, location, cost/contribution (if any) and contact details that can be made public.  If you have any photographs (jpg files please) and/or links to relevant websites please include them too. And don’t forget, if you want to hire the Recreation Ground or King George V Memorial Walk for your community events please submit a booking form to the town council office. Booking form and terms and conditions are available on the website or from the office.
Hayle Town Council
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