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200903 | Cornwall Council Announces the Location for New Coronavirus Testing Centre

Cornwall Council Announces the Location for New Coronavirus Testing Center

Cornwall Council Announces the Location for New Coronavirus Testing CenterRaimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

Cornwall Council has announced that the mobile coronavirus testing station will be moved to Falmouth Rugby Club grounds from today, September 3. The test centre will be open for testing anyone willing to do the Covid-19 test.

The decision to relocate the testing station was to support the whole community, as well as to provide an opportunity for all busy residents to get tested.

According to a Facebook post, the council said that the people of Falmouth and Penryn are always busy with work. Therefore, there was a need to bring the services closer to them to give everyone the chance to get tested.

The rugby ground is spacious and easily accessible. Therefore, the NHS team doing tests can easily instruct people to maintain social distance. They can also attend to hundreds of people in a short time.

The council encouraged everybody with coronavirus symptoms symptoms such as fever, continuous cough, change, or loss of sense of taste and smell should go for the test. No matter how mild the symptom might be, it is important to go for the test to ensure that the deadly virus is contained by isolating those who test positive.

The residents were urged to book for a test for free. Then they will be required to avail themselves at the testing centre so that the NHS team can take their samples for testing. Those unable to avail themselves were requested to call 119 for assistance.

Those willing to do the tests at home will be given the home testing kits. Afterwards, a courier will be sent to go and collect the results.

However, those willing to do the test at the mobile testing centre will be required to book an appointment one day before the test. They will then wait for 24 hours to get the results.




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